is falopian tube cancer the same as ovarian cancer?

Hello to all you inspirational ladies. I have never been on this site before but i know my mum gets alot of help from you all. My mum was diagnosed las July with primary fallopian tube , stage 3 .cancer which we understand is very rare and only 1% of guinelogical cancers , she had everything removed inluding a small mass in her pelvis. She is know facing her 5th chemo of single carboplatin and is coping reasonably well apart from a very sore mouth. After her 3rd chemo her ca125 had dropped from baseline 1148 to 198, we get results of 4th chemo this week so hopefully will have dropped nicely again. When they removed everthing histolgy showed there was no cancer in the ovaries but they were involved as they adhered to her bowl. My question is does anyone know if this is still classed as ovarian as it seems to be treated the same as there isnt much research been done on fallopian ? Thanku very much x

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  • Hi,

    Ovarian cancer sometimes starts in the Fallopian tube, so I think it is classed as ovarian cancer or at least gets the same treatment, you are right it is rare and is only 1% of gynaecological cancers, you can find out more about this cancer on the Macmillan website..or you could ring the Ovacome helpline and speak to Ruth Payne tel 0845 371 0554

    If you have questions you need answers for.

    Sending you and your mum my best wishes love x G x

  • Thankyou for your response it was very helpful and thankyou for your best wishes x

  • Hello. Yes fallopian tube cancer is treated the same as ovarian cancer. I was diagnosed with fallopian tube cancer last August. There is some belief that ovarian cancer starts in the fallopian tube but this is not conclusive as some ladies on here have had sign of it in their tubes. I hope your mum isn't finding Chemo too hard and wish her all the Best. Love, Lisa xx

  • Thankyou for your reply it is a confusing subject and takes a while to get your head around but we are getting there! And the best luck to you aswell. Lots of love x

  • Wishing both you and your mum our love xx

  • TThankyou for your reply and good wishes x

  • According to recent research, some cancers which are diagnosed as ovarian and peritoneal actually begin in the fallopian tube and when some these cells spill out of the end of the tube, they end up in the abdominal cavity and/or on the surface of the ovary. If this is true, it's an important discovery because if anyone is going to be predisposed to the disease, they may have the option of having the fallopian tubes removed as a preventative measure.This applies to high grade cancer rather than low grade. If fallopian tube cancer is diagnosed as such, then that's what it is. It's treated much the same as ovarian cancer and that is by debulking which your mother has had when she had her surgery followed by platinum based chemo.That's the situation so far as I know. Good wishes are sent to you, your Mum and your family. x

  • Thankyou very much for your reply that really does make alot of sense as my mum asked her oncologist this question and she said its classed as falopian tube cancer as thats where the tumour started. Mum has just had her 5th chemo yesterday followed by a blood transfusion today so she is feeling a bit jaded but hopefully her new blood will help soon.

    We did have some positive news this week, her C125 after 4th chemo had dropped to 7, so really chuffed with that. Lots of Love xx

  • This is interesting. I had a hysterectomy on Monday for what I had initially been told ( from scans) was a 10 cm complex mass attached to my right ovary. During the op. it was discovered that the tumour was actually solid, 8 cm and attached to the fallopian tube, appendix, omentum and bowel. It was not attached to either ovary but I have still been told it is/was ovarian cancer. Nobody mentioned fallopian cancer. Got to wait 10 to 14 days for the histology report, but there was no evidence of any spread elsewhere.

  • Yes i agree it is very interesting and a little confusing at the same time. I'm delighted there is no evidence of spreading elsewhere and hope you are keeping your feet up and having a well earnt rest! xx

  • I had OC in my left ovary but my tubes were clear on both sides, oncologist said that OC usually starts in ovaries and can be to do with egg production being over active towards menopausal years.


  • Hi there,

    My Fallopain Tube Cancer was treated the same as Ovarian. 6 rounds of Chemo - Paclitaxel & Carboplatin. Dr. was surprised when the bisopy results came back and we had a further surgery, 6 weeks later to remove have a TAH. It seems this was a surprise to her BUT she has treated Fallopain Tube Cancer before.

    All the best.

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