Spontaneous break

I have been on weekly Taxol and have just had my 7th out of 18,  

As many of you understand it doesn't leave much time for anything but my husband son and I booked a break to Venice and wow we had a fabulous few days away, we are great planners, or should I say used to be great planners but now we just do it, the three of us had quality time together, we did lots of sight seeing and lots of laughs and yes our first time in a Gondalar, fab times and special memories I will never forget!!!

Now it's back to reality but feeling positive and ready to go again, CT scan booked for Monday to see how things are going, markers have gone down so oncologist is happy he says, but obviously waiting for scan results. Still got my hair but it is thinning a bit, but have thick hair so haven't noticed a big change so far, treatment is going well, just get abut tired and achy bones but have carried on working part time.

Wishing everyone a lovely weekend 



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  • Sounds Devine and I'm so glad went so well for you and you had such a lovely trip :) I'm also glad the treatment is kick starting for you too :) xxx Trish 

  • Thanks Trish xx

  • Sounds as if you had a wonderful and fun time; how fantastic to have a little break. Clare x

  • Thanks CLare feel refreshed xx

  • Well done for getting away. Laughing puts this horrible disease away for a bit doesn't it?


  • It does VIcki and you feel better for it xx

  • Great you and family had a lovely time in Venice, these are the things that keep us going.  You do indeed feel the better for it.  Best wishes

  • They keep you going definitely, you can escape for a bit. Thanks Suzuki xx

  • Hi,  

    So pleased to read you had a lovely trip and  hopefully a good result on your scan  coming up.

    All seems very positive.

    Trix x

  • Fingers crossed Trix, still got quite away to go as you well know this is a long slog but feel I'm doing ok. Best wishes xx

  • Go you!  Venice is great. My husband and I managed a day trip from Lake Garda last May and thoroughly enjoyed our day there. We had a Gondola trip too.  Glad your treatment is going well.   Good luck with your scan. Ann x

  • Thank you Ann. Loved Venice and the Gondola, lake Garda is beautiful we went on a holiday a few years ago. Best wishes to you to xxx

  • Karen

    Your post is so cheery that I want to start thinking of holidays now. Must wait though to see what my fate is over the next few weeks. Meanwhile you show the way . Good luck with your scan and I wish you a clear one. 


  • Thank you, got a long way to go yet, scan just to see if weekly taxol is working but markers are going down so fingers crossed the weekly Taxol is doing its job!

    Good luck to you to let us know how things are going xx

  • Thank you Karen

    I will keep you posted and will keep an eye on your progress when you post. Good news that the markers going in the right direction. Have a good weekend


  • Weekly taxol worked great to bring my CA-125 down, way down; then surgery, some more chemo, and now I'm "chemo free", for the last 4.5 months! Breaks are good when you can take them! Hang in there, wishing you all the BEST!

  • Thank you DesireeD and that's great news for you to, wishing you all the best to xx

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