Halfway through, cold cap and scan results

Halfway through, cold cap and scan results

Morning lovely ladies

I am currently on 3rd line (2012/2015) chemo weekly paclitaxel. I had 2 lots of carboplatin before so never lost my hair and this time they told me I would so I decided to use the cold cap. I have had 9 sessions, 9 to go and haven't lost a strand as yet (touching wood as we speak). Also no side effects, I've even been a rebel and have coloured my hair as if it starts to look grey and not it's normal self then it's not worth it to me. I also wash and dry it pretty normally. I attach a pic of my friend and myself out for dinner last week - I'm the one in the patterned top, we had a lovely Thai meal 😊

Had my halfway scan results on Wednesday. Things are moving in the right direction my consultant told me. I had a blood test after 6 sessions and my ca125 was down from over 100 to 62 but haven't had my halfway blood test yet. He said it's a slow burner as I have low grade serous. The only question mark on my scan was when I initially had my scan at Christmas he said there was a small pocket of fluid by my liver which should go with chemo. He told me on Wednesday that this is now a bigger pocket of fluid but neither the radiologist nor him could see any cancer in it. He said if it's not causing me any discomfort to leave it alone and see what it's like at the end of treatment unless it gives me any problems in the meantime and he'll get it drained.

Although the news was mainly good I'm really worried about this fluid thing and potentially what it could mean?!! He said "read my lips, forget about it" but it's easier said than done. Anyone had anything similar?

I hope you're all looking forward to a nice bank holiday/easter weekend.

Jo xx 😃

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  • Hello Jo, I had massive ascites (fluid) which I had drained twice before primary chemo started. Once chemo started the fluid did not come back. NED 8+ months. Fingers crossed. Tesla

  • Thanks Telsa, I had ascites before second line and I had 3.5 ltrs drained from my abdomen and it didn't return as had chemo but didn't get ascites this time although they say there's this pocket around my liver which is in a different place to my ascites last time. I can't feel it at all so guess that's why he won't do anything about it right now and I feel completely well. Just a bit worrying the fluid has got bigger x

  • Jo, I had fluid pocket at base of spine after surgery. It had potential to become infected. I ended up having a drain installed for nearly 6 weeks to siphon off the fluid. It worked!

  • Great photo; the cold cap has obviously worked as I couldn't tell who was having chemo from just looking and had to read on.

    I don't know what the fluid might mean, can only suggest you keep aware of any possible discomfort or clothes feeling tight and report it. Hopefully it will disappear with more chemo.

    Wishing you a Happy Easter too!

  • Thank you, I will stay aware of it, he says he'll drain it if I get any discomfort xx

  • Hurrah! Great news - from what I can see you still have eyebrows too. Hair looks amazing. My brush is pretty full everyday but otherwise I still have hair too. Can't help with the fluid, agree impossible not to worry about it. Nice to 'see' you - Nicola xx

  • Hi Nicola

    Yes I still have my eyebrows and eyelashes as well! Still curling them and using mascara too!

    Hope you are getting on ok with your treatment and cold cap, message me soon.

    Thought you might like to finally 'see me' lol! This pic was taken just before my lovely best friend and her partner jetted off on a Caribbean cruise which my husband and I were booked on with them but we had to cancel because of my chemo 😕 I'm looking forward to seeing them to hear all about it and we hope to go in the new year all being well!

    Take care

    Jo xxx

  • Wow,, you look fab! I am due to start taxol in few weeks, so I'm definitely going to try the cold cap,,, good luck x

  • Good luck with it and hope it works for you! Xx

  • Thank you, I only found out this week I'm advanced stage 4 after long surgery,, but think it's worth a try, and it clearly can work! X

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