Hi there lovely ladies, I have one more chemo session in a weeks time - yahooo! Scan clear and CA125 down to 9. Have booked a holiday and thinking about when I can return to work. Why then am I upset this week about losing my eyebrows and eyelashes?! Cant believe I have one week to final chemo and my eyebrows and eyelashes choose now to disappear. Grrrrrrrr! Now I see this typed, feel better and in the great scheme of things, does it really matter?

Any advice on how long after final chemo it takes to see hair returning, dont like wearing a wig.

Thank you. xxx

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  • Hi, I was ok with losing hair and eyebrows can be pencilled in. I hated losing my eyelashes. That was back in 2010 and from what I can remember my hair started to grow back slowly around 5/6 weeks after last chemo. It was like wavy baby hair. Hated it. Now I'm on that journey again. Hair almost gone and like you hate wearing a wig. Prefer my scarves. Just got my new wig and even though hairdresser has chopped it a bit it still seems to be too much hair for me. The photo of me is my last hair cut/colour before my chemo started. So glad you are on last chemo, hope your scan is good news. Take care 😘😘🌻

  • Thank you. Hope all goes well for you....bald is beautiful! xxxx

  • Hey Jill,

    I was like you I got over the hair pretty good but was very upset when I lost my eyebrows and eyelashes! Didn't recognise myself in the mirror and didn't like that at all!

    I will say that when I finished Chemo the eyebrows starting growing straight away and we're acceptable within 2 or 3 weeks so hang in there! I became pretty good at drawing them in while waiting and enjoyed learning that particular skill!!!

    Onwards and Upwards and enjoy your holiday!


  • Do you have to draw them in every day or does it last for a while please?

  • Hi, if I am at home or walking the dog for example I dont bother but if like, this afternoon I am meeting a friend for coffee, I will draw them on albeit badly! I am in positive mood today and thinking its not forever.

  • Thanks-I am feeling quite good today too although not looking foward to being knocked back again by my 2nd chemo a week tomorrow.

  • Hey!

    I drew them on using a stencil! It was a bit of a nuisance having to do it every day alright but didn't want to go down the tattoo or other more long term options at that time! There are options though so you could look into them?


  • Don't think I fancy a tattoo but a stencil sounds ok. I have taken a photo in case I forget where they were.

  • Same thing happened to me. I thought I had managed to keep my eyebrows but they fell out right at the end of treatment. Bah! It makes you look like an alien, doesn't it?! They came back before any other hair though. I also didn't like wearing a wig (too hot and itchy). By the end I was just baring my head or wearing a sunhat outdoors. I found it quite empowering. I remember teaching a summer school three months after my last chemo and by then had just enough hair on my head for it to look like it just MIGHT have been a style choice!

    Spes x

  • Hi Jill I had. MAC makeover to learn how to apply makeup with no lashes and eyebrows.. it was amazing and my eyes looked pretty good. It's all about brushing a fine line above your eyelid close to wear your lashes were.. in brown eyeshadow. I finished chemo in June and now have short hair also highlighted and even now I use this technique when I don't want to wear mascara.. it does open up your eyes but would recommend the makeover as a treat.. made me feel very glam! All the best with results Love Michelle xx

  • Thank you all for your replies. Just told my daughter about MAC. She is off next week and we are goin to pay a visit. Jill xxx

  • I'm very glad my hair is growing back, not enough yet to risk the bald look but getting there. What I find distressing is my new beard! Also my eyebrows are all over the place, very odd look.

  • Oh I can so relate !! My last eyelash fell out the morning of my last chemo. I looked like an android but it did make me laugh!! Hair had started to come back about a month (or less) later, i definitely had a 6 o'clock shadow by then. Took weekly photos so I could see progress.

    Fab that you have a hol to look forward to. I went back to work a month after chemo ended but on a reduced hours fit note of 2 hours a day for 2 weeks (doctor sick note), then had 2 weeks hol, then upped my hours to 4 a day for 10 weeks . That was supported at work by an Occupational Health advisor.

    Take it easy when you go back

    Clare xx

  • I so know what you mean, I managed to hold onto my eyelashes right up to my last treatment, the nurse who was canulating me (😬) even said that as they were still there that they'd stay....................wrong! Within a week they fell out. This was the only time I cried throughout the whole diagnosis, surgery and chemo period. I looked so wierd but eyeliner done carefully made me look more 'normal'. They do come back albeit slowly. Like you say it's not much in the whole scheme of things but for me it was the final straw. The hair starts to come back quicker than I thought it would and I suddenly realised I had white baby hair on my head, unfortunately it soon went a dirty grey colour so back to the bottle blonde for me 😊.

    Have a lovely holiday and enjoy ❤xx Jane

  • Hi Jill,

    Eyebrows and eye lashes are the last to go!,some smudgy eyeliner and pencilled in eyebrows gives your face some definition.

    I finished chemo March 2015 and went without a wig for the first time August 1st 2015 (see how its etched in the memory).I didn't feel comfortable going without.But I have better hair now than before chemo,just be patient, you will get there and go with what is best for you,

    Carole xx

  • My hair took a while to get through the fuzz stage and on to looking like actual hair. I got the wig thing all wrong..wore it for a bit hated it gave it up too soon probably but for me life turned a corner once the wig was gone xx

  • I honesty did not mind rocking the shaved head but anxiously awaited any hint of hair growing back. It took at least 4 to 5 weeks and grew pretty fast. I am one year out and hair is at least 5 inches and curly! I had arrow straight hair hair before!

  • I hated losing my lashes and eyebrows the most! So I did the pencil in thing. But it was summer and hot. On occasion I'd look in the mirror and realize that at some point in the day I had swiped my forehead and in the process wiped away half an eyebrow! Comical.

    They were the first hairs to grow back though, along with a full face fuzzy beard and sideburns!

    Oh the indignities of cancer treatments!

  • Hi Jill-I finished chemo in October '16. I regrew my lashes and brows about 3 months after. right now I have hair about 1" long, 4 months later. Congrats on NED and end of chemo!! woo hoo!!!

    XX Carol

  • Hi Jill After I finished my last chemo, it took about a month before my eyelashes and eyebrows started growing. It has now been 2 1/2 months since chemo and I have beautiful long eyelashes and my eyebrows are almost grown in. I'm still wearing a wig, but I probably could get my hair cut into a short pixie cut which I may do next week. Your eyelashes, eyebrows, and hair will grow back. And when they do, it's pretty exciting!! Have a great holiday Kim xo

  • Thanks all. Cant wait to have a hairy body again.. ha!

  • Take Biotin and it will start drawing back quickly. I lost my eyelashes on 16th round. Wasn't happy about it either but hair returned. Second round of chemo just thinned a little. Unfortunately, starting new drug this week. No idea about my hair. I never wore wigs but bought 2 of them. Wore scarves and was very happy!

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