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Think I'm back

hi to all you lovely ladies, I have been absent for quite a while now. Lots of reasons, love Christmas so much I always have down time afterwards. Then computer crashed and I lost most everything on it, that didn't help. Booked myself a cheap 2 day break in Fort William and came down with novo virus so finished up costing me nearly £400, that didn't help either. Thankfully now am feeling better physically and mentally. Another 3 month reprieve at hospital so have now booked couple of days in Newcastle before going on to Peterborough to stay with my youngest son for a week. Looking forward to this, hope I,m not tempting fate. I wish I could really pick myself up and give myself a great big shake, am so fed up feeling like this, I have so much to be thankful for. Sorry for the rant, I always seem to give it out on this website. Will try to keep in touch now but have missed out on so much recently. Lots of luv and hugs Ann xxx


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Well done, Ann, for getting through all the horrors that followed Christmas. It's often a 'down' time of year, the dark time, the old folk used to call it. Hope your trips to Newcastle and Peterborough help to cheer you up! It's good that you took the first step of coming back on here, for us girlies to send you a cyber hug (((xxx))) to make you feel a bit better :-)

The days are getting longer now, the daffodils are beginning to show their buds, it's all getting more like spring .... just forget the snow flurries forecast for the weekend :-o

Welcome back :-D

Love Wendy xx


Welcome back Ann :-) we missed you and glad you are here now :-) love x G x :-D


Hi Ann. I think that the grey days of January & Feb can often pull us down, spring is defineatly on the way with the flowers poking their heads up and I have new lambs in the field. We wont go into the cold or the extra feeding, all of which I could really do without....Still I do hope you have a really good break and enjoy catching up with your family. Take care Karen xx


Thankful Karen and yes spring is on its way so time to buck up and head out. Break will be good, always with my family xxxAnn


Thank you all for your encouraging comments, will try really hard now to keep the chin up cos I've got lots on this year to look forward to, not least the get together in London in May. Can someone please send me all the details again as I lost them all when computer went haywire, would be ever so grateful xxxAnn


Dear Ann,

Please don't worry - I have all the details of our get-together on a spreadsheet and your email address so I'll send them to you. I wondered where you were as you're due a little refund - hopefully this will go a little way to balance out the £400 you spent with Norovirus at Fort William!

Fab to have you back and I'm a big bit relieved to know that it was no more than winter blues that kept you away.

As the others say the winter can get you down and I always feel the short days of winter up in Scotland can be hard to deal with - particularly with the rotten weather we've been having.

So on and up - enjoy your trip to Newcastle and Peterborough and all the other things you've got lined up. You're doing really well it seems to me.

If anyone is reading this and wondering what the 'get-together' is - there are a load of us meeting up the evening before members day for dinner and a natter. If you've missed that blog and want to come get in touch with me and I'll include you in all the plans.

Loads of love xxx Annie


Hi Ann. I think most of need to take break from the site occasionally. Hope the breaks you have planned help to lift your spirits a bit.




Hi Ann

Rant away!

That is the beauty of this site, we all know where you are coming from! I sympathise with the "down time" as I have just had a lumpectomy and, while it is a fleabite in comparison with the OC it is irritating to have fluid build up in my arm, need radiotherapy and bone scans at a time when I felt really well and was hoping for a hol! I have booked a week at my son's in Devon at easter and they can jolly well fit the radio therapy around that!

Here's to a good time in Newcastle and a great week in Peterborough!



Hi Ann

Ugh, my sympathies. I went down with the norovirus last November. Gruesome. Such a shame you had to lose out on Fort William. On top of everything else it means you're entitled to a good rant!!

Here's to better times ahead.

Love Mary xx


Hi Anne. I know exactly how you feel.. A great big shake would be good for me too. I find it hard too.

Hope you are ok.

Love suzanne. XXX


Hi Anne

Glad you are feeling a bit better now. Feel free to rant...we all do it!

I feel excited now that Spring is only just round the favourite time of w beginnings!

Take care.

Love Linda xxx


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