My sister has just had her second cycle of chemo. Last week it was cargo/taxol, this week taxol on its own. She suffered with a bad stomach 2 days after first cycle which pretty much lasted for four days. She isn't eating much at all and didn't eat anything for three of the four days her stomach was bad. Also she isn't taking on enough fluid. Sipping two 500ml bottles of water throughout the whole days is not enough liquid in my opinion, she's not drinking tea or anything else but when challenged about her liquid intake she says she is "drinking loads" Before her cycle this week she had to have extra saline as she was dehydrated and then suffered an allergic reaction to the taxol when her throat swelled up and she passed out. She came round to an oxygen mask and surrounded by doctors.

Any suggestions of food or drink she might try as chemo has already affected her tastebuds and everything tastes like cardboard.

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  • Do you think she may be suffering from acid?.I couldn't eat after my op until I went on Omaprezole,one tablet a day and have been fine ever since,peppermint tea may help also,once she gets the appetite in check,she will drink also,but at least she is drinking something,though not enough,some of the ladies may be able to help more,

    Carole xxx

  • When your feeling so unwell it's so hard to eat and drink, saying that I was told that I was to drink 2litres per day, that includes tea juice etc, it's also horrible not being able to taste, I like pineapple juice or ice lollies when I can't taste anything.

    Hope your sister feels better soon, having an allergic reaction is so scary, ending lots,of love to you both, it's so nice that she has you to support her xx

  • When I was feeling nauseous etc after chemo no one could really make me eat. I did nibble on a ginger biscuit (took me 3 hours to eat ir!) or rich tea and fresh (not tinned) pineapple. I found that even water tasted horrible too. That lasted for about a week each time.

    It's normal to worry but you will never realise how awful things taste! I hope x

    Cardboard tastes better! I hope she will soon be able to eat again and she builds her strength up. You are very caring and that's wonderful

    Clare xx

  • I would say try something 'treat' style so maybe make her a pub style lime and lemonade with lots of ice and a straw in a nice glass! Might distract from the have to drink to make her want to drink it.

    My oncologist said fresh pineapple before a drink has an enzyme in it which helps stop the woolly 'nothing tastes right' sensation that goes with chemo. I tried it this time. I'm not sure how much it helped but it was a lovely treat to have fresh pineapple, I presented it nicely and I did eat it.

    7up can be drinkable when I am struggling. I also have robinsons apple and black currant squash made up and kept in the fridge. I can drink that. Maybe some Schlour - cant spell it but it comes in interesting flavours.

    Plain water is a no for me - too woolly in chemo week!

    At really bad moments a straw is helpful I find, also ice cubes in drinks help me.

    Drinking enough does help so it is worth trying a few things.

  • A friend bought me some Belvoir cucumber and mint presse - it was all I could drink for a few weeks so I bought up all I could find in the locality. Water and tea tasted vile! I lost about 5 kilos altogether but my weight fluctuated throughout the cycle. When I could I had full cream milk and milkshake, ice cream, rice pudding and full fat yoghurt. I also had a reaction to Taxol. Fluid is important, so keep trying to find the right one, however if she can take small sips of water throughout the day it will help. I was constipated on this regime for the first couple of days so took a laxative, then was taken by surprise every time by that changing to diarrhoea. Hope all goes well for her - stay positive as much you can (not easy I know).

    Best wishes Ali x

  • If her mouth feels horrible, would she crunch through some ice cubes? I used them a lot when I was on chemo (and ice lollies!), but my mouth felt scalded and the ice soothed the feeling.

    I also had an allergic reaction to taxol and passed out, but they switched me to docetaxel which is in the same family, but not the same thing. I hope she is feeling better very soon.

  • I found that nice ginger beer with ice cubes helped a little with nausea, taste and keeping hydrated, also tried all sorts of cordials, herbal teas and found weak tea with sugar ok (I don't usually take it). As others have said the effects on taste can be pretty rough and when this is on top of feeling sick etc it's difficult. As you can see from the comments, it can take a bit of trying to find something that works as we're all different! Don't give up hope in helping your sister find what works for her xx

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