Hi just wondered if anyone else has an allergic reaction to seems I have my skin was so red I looked like I had sunburn my arms have been very painful at the elbow and under my chin feels like skin has been pulled it is very tight.iits actually bad news for me as it was my fifth chemo drug in just over a year and it's the only one that's showed a reduction in my I am very disappointed.i kind of feel that I don't know if I want to try another.i see my onc next Thursday so il see what she wishes Carolyn x

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  • Hi - I'm due to have my 6th dose of caelyx next week and have struggled with every side effect going! I also had the painful skin burns so ended up having the dose reduced but have still struggled at times!

    My best advice is to keep very cool and expose the red areas as much as you can - slap on the udderly cream! If you notice the skin breaking and weeping then do see your gp as you may need antibiotics. You will get through it - my ca125 continued to drop with the dose reduction xxxx

  • I too have just had my 5th Caelyx and suffered a similar reaction. Up to now the only side effect was a sore rash but found vitamin B tablets helped. My CA 125 has dropped dramatically from 5000 at diagnosis in January 2014 to 82 last week! I am not looking forward to my last dose but it is obviously working. Lynne x

  • I also took Vit B 6 while on Caelyx it did mention it in the blurb that was given to me at the Hospital.I did not suffer from any skin probs.

    Georgie x

  • Hi I've suffered from skin discolouration due to Caelyx, it can be itchy and doesn't look great wishing you all the best xx

  • I too have had itchiness and used E45 twice a day and I am constantly using handcream...l'occitane is lovely. Other side effects have been minimal, but immediately following chemo the side effects are really bad for about 5 days...and then I begin to feel human again. My 6th and final caelyx is Friday, This is 2nd line treatment after a relapse of only 4 months, so not sure what will now follow after a CT scan and all blood tests 3 weeks following last chemo when I meet the Consultant. Having been told the stats for women who relapse within 6 months I am not looking forward to the next scan. Even if it looks good the relapse last time was so devastating that anxiety is already creeping up.

    BUT be positive, one has to believe that all consultants do their very best.

  • I am on my 5th carbo/ caelyx had no skin problems until this last lot then found my skin was cracking on my heels of my feet, it was painful to walk also my hands too so I got out my trusted sudocream and that did the job and cleared it all up I hope you all have good results from it as it does then make it all worth it, best wishes yvonne

  • I can't comment on the drug as I've not had this at present, but just hoping that you get some better news when you see your Consultant on Thursday. I also have an appointment on the same day to get my scan results due to ca125 creating up. Fingers crossed for us both. Ali xx

  • I found Diprobase was very good when my skin was very sore and itchy. Also is there any possibility you can take Piriton or a similar anti-histamine to relieve the some of the side effects?

    best wishes


  • Hi Carolyn, I've had some skin effects with caelyx (nasty under-boob rash...) but the good news is it's been effective and my tumours have regressed. It sounds like you've been responding well too, apart from the side effects. I hope you can sort the discomfort. Good luck, Joan xx

  • Hello Carolyn. My Mum had 2nd line Caelyx. She had six and after the third the side effects kicked in with a vengeance! Her hands were sore and cracked and her feet were sore too. She had other sore patches and she was using the Udder Cream and keeping cool. So, she mentioned this to the onc and he reduced the dose by 20% and things cleared up and she went on to have the other three no problem. There was a delay of a week with the last one due to low white blood cells. She had her 6th Caelyx on 21 July last year. Went onto 'watch and wait', had her three month check in Oct and her CA125 had gone down from around 250 to 159 and a scan showed that the tumours had stayed put and even shrunk a bit. So she has been on watch and wait for another three months. I have just posted tonight to say she went to see the onc today and the computers had broken down at the hospital so no results from blood test. Hospital said they would ring but no phone call yet. :-( So I hope things improve for you. Best wishes. Jane x

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