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Update on Taxol

My husband bought me a Tablet for Xmas and this is now my 3 rd attempt at sending a Post. 2 Half written must be floating around in Space. Briefly! .after having another Scan,I saw my Oncologist last Wednesday. Bad news was I had fluid on both lungs, and a cracked rib,:-)I had a fall in the bath just before Xmas which didn't show up on an ordinary XRay:-)The good news was that some of the Tumours had shrunk a little, this is after 5 sessions of Taxol.So when I am feeling well again and stopped coughing I can start back on the Taxol.weekly for 3 weeks,then one week off. Yes this is great,, but now I am thinking , get well to be made I'll again,!Sounds ungrateful doesn't it ?I am taking the water tablets and cough medicine.I spoke to my GP on the suggested by my Onc to try and arrange continuity of monitoring my weekly bloods.but didn't get a satisfactory response. I will try the Chemo again, but I don't know how long I will be able to cope with the side effects. I am full of admiration for all you lovely ladies who are also coping with Chemo. Big hugs to you all. GILL. XX

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Hi Gill, sending you big hugs, gosh that rib must be painful, my husband broke ribs in a fall two years ago and it is debilitating and sore. Well the good news is that the Taxol worked and probably will continue to work while you are having a break from treatment. Gosh please forgive the pun, I know my hubby had to take meds for his ribs and also found coughing very painful. I am sure once you are able to start the Taxol again it will keep working. In the meantime, take any painkillers prescribed, wear clothes easy to get on and off to make life easier for yourself.


Thank you Suzuki for your reply .Thank goodness the pain from my cracked rib has eased a lot.Dont know what is happening re the fluid on my lungs, I just keep on taking the tablets! After several weeks of no Chemo I am starting to feel normal again !!Probably start back on Taxol in a couple of weeks time. Something to look forward to !!!! Hugs to everyone. Gill.

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