Hi to everyone who replied to my last post re problems with weekly Taxol, and thanking you all with your suggestions and ideas. Sadly my situation has got worse since then. Dec 23rd, my husbands birthday, I was rushed into A and E with breathing difficulties. Tests and an X-ray showed fluid on both lungs and a possible need for a blood transfusion.I had an urgent CT scan last Thursday,which confirmed this, but ruled out the transfusion.I am now on a diuretic to try and relieve some of the fluid.My appointment with my Oncologist has also been brought forward to this Wednesday. So decisions about what to do next will be made then.I don't know what the Scan showed with regard to the Cancer. I suspect that she will want to stop all Chemo.Whatever happens I will try and get another post out to you all. You are all so brave putting up with some awful side effects of your Chemo. Your posts are what has been giving me encouragement to carry on. Lots of hugs go out to you all. Gill. X X.

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  • This sounds awful, I'm so sorry you are having a bad time. I looked up your profile to remind myself of your history to date but couldn't find any info.What stage is your OC, did surgery get rid of the visible cancer and what treatment did you follow up with?

    I've just started having apple cider vinegar moving in to natural supplements and turmeric too.

    Do you think Taxol bought on these problems?

    Sending you positive vibes for some relief from this pain

    LA xx

  • Hi LA, I am a big fan of organic apple cider vinegar, having used it for digestive problems for years. Can I ask how you are using it. Thanks

  • I have a tablespoonful mixed in water, someone I know a friend of hers has seen her tumour shrink since suing it, now I am the most cynical person on the planet but still giving it a go


  • Where do you buy this LA?

  • I went for the cheapo version waitrose essentials. It's as good as the expensive versions £1.15

    LA x

  • Thanks LA, we don't have Wzitrose I. no, so will check out Tesco, Saibsbury and Asda. x

  • I buy a organic with "the mother" in it from Higher Nature" on line. It was about £5 last time I bought. Important to get the mother in it' cloudy.

  • Thanks, have a read up on Guinea Hen Weed. My sister has just brought me back some from the Carriabean.

    Very very interesting . I have an organic one I think , Brand Name is Give. It's quite pleasant to drink. So many good reports on it. Loads of benefits , has been tested and more going on for its anti cancer properties. X

  • I investigated the 'mother' element but as the science doesn't support any difference between cloudy and clear I went for the cheapo option lol, just a cheapskate. They do sell it on Amazon and in Holland and Barrett but I think it's expensive.

    At the moment I'm all for giving anything a go that's not chemo although I have given into having Carbo. Which hasn't started yet. I didn't realise it was so popular until I wrote an article about it. There are lots of anti cancer claims but one did cite bladder cancer as a risk, so it must be swings and roundabouts like everything.

    How do you take yours? Do you take it in water or with manuka honey?

    LA xx

  • Hi, I think you are very good at research reading your posts, I have a book on it and just did a bit of reading on the net. With my husband so ill have not done that much but I just take it with water. I also bought some from a caravan shop where it was made by a local farmer, that was expensive too. Good to hear that it may help cancer, I was doing it for digestion. X

  • Sorry no advice to offer but hope you get some reassurance and further options on Wednesday. You must retain your positive attitude! You sound like you have a wonderful spirit which, along with the treatment has brought you this far so keep that fighting spirit. Good luck xx

  • Keep going Gill. There are ladies on here who seem to have the most awful symptoms and the wonderful medics get everything stable again.

    Sandra X X

  • Aaah! Keep pushing forward Gill. There are so many ups and downs with this illness and treatment. My mom's treatment was temporarily stopped a few times waiting for her body to heal a bit. Once she was re-stabilized the chemo treatment continued. Wishing you all the best. Your good spirits will definitely help to push you forward. Sending good spirits your way.

  • Dear Gill. I can only add to the group hug you would get from all of us if we were near you. You sound like one very brave lady who will deal with whatever Wed brings with courage and determination. I will pray for you .


  • Very best wishes, Vxxx

  • So sorry to read your post, Gill. Good luck with your appointment tomorrow. Hope you can be helped and made more comfortable. Keep your chin up.

    Best wishes, Solange. Xxx

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