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Hello, Well I am on my second month of Taxol which i do three weeks on and one week off and now i see hair in my bathroom sink, Does this mean I will lose it all or thinning. Helena

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I lost the lot but it probably depends how much you are having x


I will probaly have 9 to 12 rounds

FYI, taxol is one of the most potent chemos. I lost every single hair on my body, including facial hair, nose hair etc.

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Annd me

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Me too

I have only one eye lash left, but it was nice not to shave my legs this summer. I finished the chemo last week, so it should all begin to grow back.

Do not worry about hair.

The photo is the nurses applauding after I finished the last chemo cycle. It was a nice moment.

Nurses applauding when I finished my last chemo cycle

Hello, I was on Taxol and at the start of cycle 2 I started to loose a little and every day thereafter a little more with some days loosing clumps until it went. I think with taxol it’s normal to loose it all. Sometimes people are offered a cold cap if they think there is a chance you may not loose it but in my case I wasn’t offered it. Initially I was heartbroken to see it come out, but to be honest it’s a sign the chemo is working.I spent money on an expensive wig which was lovely initially, it was never the same after the first wash and would get knotty behind my neck, it fitted really well but wasn’t for me so stuck to hats and scarves.

Your hair will come back, you may look different in the mirror, but you are the same beautiful person you have always been and that will never change.

Stay positive and you will come out the other side. Xxx

Lost all my hair on taxol. Fibre wigs are excellent. No need to buy human. I was careful to research how you wash them and what shampoo to use. It is simple and wig came out fine. There is a website called Simply Wigs which is v3ry good and they do sale or return. No commission!

is this SIMPLY WIGS based in UK ?


I was looking Simply Wigs. Because last year before my diagnose and all of this , I wanted to buy myself a wig just for fun and to go out. I bought from [a company, please private message me for further details], and oh my dear God what and horrible experience I had with them trying to return hideous wig they send to me....They behaved like scam not like professionals sellers till i involved PayPal they didn't wanted to refund me at all! It was about 4- 5 month of correspondence backwards and forwards, terrible experience )) [Edited by moderator]


I have not bought from Simply Wigs as I went to a little shop in London NW4 Simmys before I found Simply Wigs but I have done a lot of online research into wig companies and Simply Wigs website is excellent with lots of contributions from customers and they actively encourage their clients to send in their photos, tell their stories, and create a wig community blog with loads of sensible advice and a huge range from reputable suppliers. It is very impressive. So I would use them if I were going to buy online. Btw, simmys charged 3 times the price of my wig online, which was a discontinued item but happened to suit me well. So I bought a second one the same as it was the only source of that particular wig. Paid through the nose again but I have been complimented in the street by strangers - lovely hair! Also, I was advised by a specialist wig hairdresser 20 years ago that it was only necessary to wash a wig once every 6 weeks. Which she did for me so it would have been to her advantage to say more frequently. So I stick to 6 weeks, and not the 10 days on many websites as I am sure that helps to wear the wig out. Also only buy a wig on which you can change the position of the parting!

I agree SIMPLY WIGS looks impressive with normal peoples photos and wigs turn around images and not faked models with their own hairs ! )) Thanx for yr tips xx

Simply Wigs not like that. I had to return one absolutely no problem

Had mine from Simply Wigs and loved it. My hair is growing now but I want to try and get it like my wig

Unfortunately you probably will lose all hair on Taxol.I tried the cold cap once which I found unbearable and didn’t bother again after my Oncologist said “ nobody keeps their hair on this regime”

I bought some fabulous bamboo fibre hats and found them so comfortable and stylish. Yes people knew my hair was gone but I just couldn’t walk around with a bald head, I admire women who do and some look amazing, it’s personal preference I guess.

The good news is it all grows back and that is an amazing feeling !!

Good luck and try not to stress too much about your hair.


I just ordered Head Covers Unlimited I am just going with that. Thanks

I was on Carbo platin and taxol 6 rounds 3.5 hours per round of drip (3 hrs Taxol and 30min carbo)

I used the cold cap through it all PAXMAN and iced my fingertips and toes

I lost hair mostly at the top and major thinning but still had some to peek out of my bamboo caps and turbans

My hair grew back but much curlier and it takes time

I am on ENHERTU now 30 min drip every three weeks I have had seven rounds and still cold cap and ice

I have not lost hair on this chemo conjugate drug

Wear an ice cap have them change it half way thru they should put it on 10 nin before taxol. Good luck hugs from paris

Hi, I had 6 sessions of taxol with carboplatin - no cold cap - and lost the lot. Including leg, underarm, pubic, lashes, brows and even my nose hair. About 5 weeks after the last treatment, it started growing back with some vigour! Thicker than I've ever had in my entire life. However, I'm now on a maintenance treatment which includes bevacizumab / Avastin and have noticed that the growth has dramatically slowed down. Nothing's fallen out but I haven't had to shave my legs/underarms in about a month.

Regarding wigs, I'm in the UK and used Hairware for both of mine. I have a long one - very Jessica Rabbit! - and a shorter curly style very reminiscent of my old style. Both in a vibrant copper colour, which was my colour before chemo. I cannot recommend Hairware highly enough. Their service is astonishing - sensitive and compassionate. They allowed me to use my NHS voucher there (£75), and gave me lots of advice and products to ensure that they would last as long as possible.

I was on carboplatin and taxol and lost every hair on my body, including up my nose - I looked like one of the aliens in "Cocoon" but nowhere near as cute! It started growing back very quickly after chemo finished and much nicer! Good luck!

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