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Hi Ladies! Hope you all are doing well! I haven't posted lately & the last time I posted I think it was this same topic. I start this Wednesday on weekly chemo. So I have chemo for the next 3 Wednesday's then 2 weeks later I start the next 3 weeks of treatment. Does each treatment consist of both taxol & Carbo just a lesser dose? When I was getting treatment once every 3 weeks each treatment would take about 5 hours. On the weekly treatment, approximately how long is each treatment? For those that experience the metallic taste, did you on the weekly treatments? I do get the metal taste for about a week after treatment so I'm wondering how it is with having it every week? Any insight or advice from ones going through weekly treatment is most appreciated! Blessings to you all!! xxx


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  • I've only done 3weekly, but I'm pretty sure the timing was the same at my hospital.

    They made the dose up with the same size saline/glucose regardless of how my carbo/taxol was actually in there, so it still took the same time to run.

    The weekly women were always there for around the same time I was.

  • Thank you so much for your reply. I do see the doctor on Wednesday before my first of the 3 weeks in a row treatment so I'll find out for sure, but it seems that it may take the same amount of time. Best to you!

  • Hi Andrea, I didn't realise your chemo routine was changing, is that due to your low blood count? I understand the weekly Taxol is a reduced dose so hopefully less side effects but not sure about timings. Hope you are ok, let us know how you get on. I'm due number 4 next week but as some of my bloods were lower than the lower limit for chemo 3 and 4 I will insist on a delay if they are not better. I've felt more weary and have had a sore throat, migraines, cystitis and a cold sore over this last week!

    Take care

    Clare X

  • Hi Clare! Yeah, after they delayed me one week due to my platelets being low but even after the week, they were still low, they changed my routine. So it's been 3 weeks since my last treatment which was reduced SOME, but I start the 3 weeks in a row this Wednesday. I see the doc before treatment. I did have my blood checked last week and they said my platelets were back up but my white blood count was very low. They just said to be careful and that I could catch a cold or anything very easily. I wake with a stuffy nose & sore throat sometimes. Best to you!! Hope your 4th treatment treats you well!


  • It seems that chemo units / Onc's do make different decisions! My bloods were low before number 3 and more lower before number 4 including RBC, WBC, HB etc but she still went ahead. I've had cystitis, migraines, cold sore, sore throats, nose bleeds, been shaky and very tired etc this week so if they are low next week I will ask for a delay

  • I think they are questions to put to your oncologist or nurse. Is it the dose dense carbo taxol your are getting?

  • Definitely!! I will see the onco before my treatment this Wednesday. I'm not sure about the dose being dense. Maybe! I will find out. Best to you!!

  • Hi Andrea. I had weekly carboplatin/taxol at a lower dose. With all the 'added extras' (steroids, antihistamine, anti-emetic and flushing), it still seemed to take about 5 hours. Never had a metallic taste, or felt sick. but some problems with low white and red cell counts (sorted with G-CSF injections and a blood transfusion). Kept on doing Zumba and going for long walks throughout! Good luck with your treatment. Deb xx

  • Hi Deb! Thanks so much for your reply! Yeah, from what I'm hearing sounds like it will take the same amount of time. So happy for you about not feeling sick, etc. That is wonderful! Wishing you the very best!!

  • Hello Andrea, like Leeds2105 I think this sounds like the 'dose-dense' I had for my recurrence. The dose I was given was worked out as one-and-half total amount of both carboplatin and taxol divided into three equal doses, one each week for 3 weeks and then a 'respite' week. I found it kinder to my body than the 21day cycle when I was first diagnosed, so I hope it is better for you. The 'theory' is, I think, that giving the lower dose more frequently reduces the intensity of the 'hit' to the bloods and immune system in comparison with the 21day dose, whilst your body is actually getting more chemo in total. Time taken for the infusion was not much less for me.

    My chemo nurses explained all about it to me, answering questions as they arose in my head, so I didn't need to take much time with the oncologist.

    I got 14months remission on 21day cycle first-line treatment and am nearly up to 3years with this 'dose-dense' carboplatin + taxol and I also had fortnightly Avastin going alongside the dose-dense carbo-taxol.

    Good luck and hope it works for you.


  • Thanks so much for your reply! Yes, I'm hoping this way will be easier on my body as well. The first treatment was very hard. The 2nd wasn't as bad because of the lower dose. It's been 3 weeks since my last treatment so I'm feeling good and I'm hoping the treatments over the next 3 weeks will not be so bad. Very best wishes to you as well! I will see the doc before treatment on Wednesday so I'll be able to know then. xx

  • Hi Andrea, I had weekly taxol plus 3 weekly carboplatin for first line. I was told the taxol was a reduced dose so took an hour rather than 3 hours for the 3 weekly dose. But with all the premeds and flushes it still took an age! The carbo was an hour for the 3 weekly dose - it seems it can be run faster than taxol. But I have also heard of people having the carbo divided into 3 weekly doses so best to check with your oncologist or nurse. I had the metallic taste first time but then on second line - carbo and caelyx - didn't get it. A mystery! Pineapple and ginger were good for metallic taste/nausea. Good luck and hope it goes quickly.

    Madeline x

  • Hi Madeline! Thanks so much for your reply! Yeah, it seems like it may take the same amount of time. The metallic taste is the worse and from my last 2 treatments it seems to last about a week. Hopefully it won't be too bad on me. Best to you!!

  • My treatment went well today. The infusion started around 9:20am & ended about 1:30pm so it wasn't too bad. Hoping for a week rest of the week and weekend! Thanks to you all again for your insight. It is so helpful & encouraging! xxx


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