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Cisplatin no more Carboplatin

Hi all. Im now told that i have to have Cisplatin. 2 bad reactions to Carbo whilst on gem and Avistan. I have had 4 cycles 2 with carbo and 2 without. So far CA125 down from 2000 to 281. At the moment its up and down.

Anyone had this issue?

How did u get on with Cisplatin. I have Braca 1 gene.

i have to br admitted to hospital to have Cisplatin as chemo is given ovet 8 hours or more. They say they have not tried Gem and Avistan with Cisplatin so i wont have those.

I live in Leeds and attend St james hospital.

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Hi, Cisplatin is 4x stronger than carboplatin and was once hailed a wonder drug in the 80s. It does batter the kidneys hence why it is infused over 13 hrs to give plenty of saline flushes to clear the kidneys. The side effects were quite tough in terms of sickness and fatigue but everyone I know who had it seem to tolerate it. It certainly gave Sandra her lowest CA reading ever and her longest spell of chemo free time. Xx paul


So glad to hear this. I only have to have two hits of cisplatin. If it does the job and gets rid of tumors then its worth it. Thanks


Cisplatin is very effective. It can hit the tumour hard . Yes the side effects are tough


I was wondering you'd looked at PARP drugs for BRCA Ovarian and Breast like this one


I'm not particularly saying for now but the PARP drugs look hopeful for your type, don't they?

T xx


Sue, didn't they mention at the APPG for Breast and Ovarian Cancer that PARP inhibitor trials were only active in 3 centres? The Royal Marsden was one, and I thought she said Manchester which I assume to be The Christie. I've been told a PARP inhibitor trial is planned for my next relapse as it should be running for a couple of years or so but thinking about it this must be a trial to include patients who are BRCA negative which is where I would fit in. I think it's always worth asking about trials in other centres.

I've heard great things about Jimmies.


Hi Annie... I think they were saying that the PARP therapy may help women with high grade serous (not necessarily those with BRCA mutations).


The drug's given after chemo to prolong the interval before having to resume treatment. It showed about a 4 month increase but there's talk of PARPs being given as a maintenance drug for high grade Ovarian. I'm not sure if that's started yet. T xx


Hi tins. I was on a trial for PARP the dose is was on was very high and i stopped. After i stoppef my ca125 dropped. So im hoping that after Avistan stops working i can use parp. I always have a plan. I just hope i dont run out ig them.


I know what you mean. I'm really glad your level dropped. Maybe there's an extended benefit. I don't have an elevated level but my oncologist says she thinks the inflammation has reduced in my abdomen. I'm not sure what she means by inflammation. I asked her whether the body could heal itself and she said she only commented on what could be seen. I see her again in about a month and would like her to order a scan. Whether she will agree to this, I don't know but I so hope so. I think the recent triumphs in managing this disease are to do with extending the times between chemos. T xx


Hi Marianc, I live in York but I attend Jimmies too and had a severe allergic reaction to Carbo in 2010 and had overnight chemo on cisplatin! I found it very tiring and the steroids for the high anti allergy protocol kept me awake all night! The girl in the next bed and I reckoned we could have sold it for good money down the Calls! I took a portable DVD player and some headphones and watched Lord of The Rings! I also took a cool box with my own salads, a caffetiere and some coffee and plenty of fresh fruit. The staff were lovely but the cisplatin did not shrink the tumour so they operated! I have since had weekly Taxol and I am now on caelyx. I did not qualify for Avastiin and Gem has never been suggested. I am getting a portacath fitted in 12 days ready for my next dose! It saves the game on hunt the veins for blood and cannula every time I go! So far so good and still here after almost 5 years!


Thanks. I will prepare all my goodies for my overnight stay. I hope i get a few more years without too much chemo



I had a reaction to Carbo, grade 3 anaphalatic shock. Moved midcycle to cisplatin then on recurraance I was on cisplatin. I found it tougher to take but it did the trick. With regard to a Parp Inhibitor, I have the BRAC2 gene and am currently on a trial at Christies in Manchester using Olaparib, a parp inhibitor. Very mild side effects and totally worth the effort. Good luck with cisplatin.xx


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