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Trying to figure out my husband problem

He keeps saying he hurts in his chest and back very bad he takes oxytocin for pain and Percocet still hurts he has copd emphysema black lungs he keeps getting chronic bronchitis he has taken the steroids med dose pks antibiotics and given daily resp a week ago he is still very brewey and bubbling when he breaths what can i do to help him he does have arthritis very bad i stay awake at night to make sure he breaths i wonder if he has lupus his breathing is so bad lung function down from year llung function last month is down also he sats are 94-95. He sounds like he is worse instead of better snd has had steriods antibodies

Oral steriods the ladt 2weeks daily resp for 5 days and neb.6 times a day plus inhalers . He cant come bck around this time its scary

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Hi Maggi

I am so sorry to hear about your husband. This is an Ovarian Cancer site however so we will be probably of little use. I can recommend that is he is getting worse you should seek help off your doctor or his medical team.

Wishing you all the best,




That sounds very frightening for you I hope you get some treatment for him that works but this is not the right site for what's wrong with him. You need to get him to a doctor soon.


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