Can't believe that 9 months ago I listed my history and left out ovarian cancer, my brain was definitely slowed! I,m coming up to my 28 month post chemo checkup in December and just thinking about it, not really anxious but just thinking! My CA125 is at 8 my Diabetes is more stable although on 2 treatments for it, my cholesterol is down to 3.9 from 16.3 in 2013 and my liver results are improved. If farming financial returns would improve all would be positive. Sadly family farming is not a good place to be at present and we are down with TB as well, l could rant about that but this is not the place!

Christmas is coming and enjoy it I will , my three boys will be in the country and the grandchildren will come on Boxing Day we hope. So to summarise.....

January 2013 began a different phase of my life, changes have happened through nearly three years but I am still here and enjoying a normal life, I thought all the black thoughts but they have all turned white and even sparkley . I think that's enough, Happy but realistic. Hope that makes sense. Kay ( loving life ) X

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  • Hope you have a fab Christmas with your family x

  • You sound happy .. which is lovely to know .. Xxxx

  • Have a lovely Xmas with your family, yes OC changes our lives but we learn to cope as best we can dont we? Every thing is looking good for you healthwise and that is a good way to go into 2016. Interestingly enough statins and some types of diabetes tabs ie metaformin are said to slow the progress of OC I have read some items on them. So having to deal with other health problems might also be helping in the long run. Enjoy your Xmas and time with your family

  • I also have read those articles re statins and metformin, and am "grateful" to be on them sort of , but as I had neither problem till end of chemo, it's seems odd fate, especially as prior to diagnosis I had had tests and neither problem was apparent only 2 months before getting ill. As you say we learn to live with anything that's thrown cos it's better than being dead!!! Isn't it?

  • Yes we do really put up with a lot to keep going, that is strange isnt it, well I do know the cholestrol goes mad when on chemo but it is supposed to level off when finished or so I was told by my CNS. I have been on statins and meds for blood pressure for years before diagnosis. I admit I did take th bp tabs but hit and miss on the statins. However, after hearing so many stories about friends who got heart probs out of the blue, I am better with the statins now, Chemo does keep us going and that is why we will go and take it again when we have to,

  • Hi Kay......Good for you! I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas and a happy, healthy new year........Judy

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