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DD scans

I have been lurking and reading the posts quite regularly. You all inspire me so much, as does my dd.

Dd had an MRI last Thursday (should have been early December but we are out of sync, due to the op in November). We are hoping all is okay. The scan took over an hour and a lot of attention (more so than usual) was paid to her upper abdomen and chest. Because of her Fibromyalgia she ended up in a lot of pain from having to keep her arms raised above her head for a much longer time than she has ever had to before. It does not help that I had a dream that they found nodes/lumps in her chest and she had to have another op - dreamt this three days before the scan!! I am not really panicking though, because we know that that the length of time spent on the scan can just be down to the experience of the scanner operator (hahaha, word eacapes me) and/or the position of dd being slightly off for what they need to see - they did come in and shift her a few times. When I had the dream I a) had a chest infection, b) was thinking about all of dd's upcoming appointments :) She has to have a bone density (DEXA) scan this Friday because the treatment she is on creates a menopause and one of the risks is osteoporosis. Then we get the results of the two scans on the 18th. 2013 has arrived at a full on pace!

Wishing you all a happier, healthier, hope filled New year,

Honey xxx

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Thank you for the update in my thoughts and prayers as always, and hope you and your family too will have a happier and healthier new year love x G x


Thank you Gwyn xx


Glad it is all moving along smartly now for your dd, and for you, her sterling supporter.





Thanks Sue xxx


Hi honey

Many thanks for the update , your daughter and you are two brave inspirational ladies.

If it is any consolation at all I also dream on regular about these "matters" and so far they haven't materialised into anything terrible. In fact before every checkup I have these disturbing dreams.

She is lucky to have such a supportive Mum and I very much hope you will have reassuring news very soon.

Much love

Charlie xxxx


Thank you for your kind words and support Charlie xxxx


Dear Honey

Thanks for keeping us up-to-date. I hope everything is well when you receive the results. I think we all feel low in the winter months and that, along with coughs and colds, can lead to some disturbing dreams. I hope yours was nothing more than that.

Hoping for a better, and healthier New Year for dd and all your family.

love Annie x


Thank you very much Annie x I am sure it was just one of those dreams!! I do try not to worry, but 'tis easier said than done. xx


Dear Honey

I'd liketomadd my wishes and hopes for a healthier new year to the others, I hope your dd gets on well and remember that dreams are often a way of us trying to make sense of past events but in a safer context, it's probably all part of the process of you making sense of all that has happened. They a rarely literal!

All the best to dd and her ss (nice one, Sue!)

Love Wendy xx


Not like to madd ....

blame the iPad!

I'm a little bit sadd

When my spelling goes badd ;-)


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