- A Tribute to Margaret (Margaretj) -

- A Tribute to Margaret (Margaretj) -

....A Tribute To Margaret (MargaretJ).....

............ 29-06-1940 - 19-11-2015............

Margaret was diagnosed in 2009,

Another member here online.

Six years of battling this disease,

It seems to take whom it may please.

Margaret fought with all her might,

Now sadly lost her internal fight.

She was not one for flowery words,

Would probably think this tribute absurd.

But Margaret was a valued member,

With these words we will remember.

We say goodbye to another friend,

So very brave right to the end.

With courage and strength as you know,

We can hear her say "It's time to go".

As Margaret John takes a bow,

Our thoughts are with her family now.


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  • Very moving poem, Gwyn. So sad, another friend gone. Sending sympathy to her family.

    Love, Solange xx

  • I am so sad to read of another members passing. thank you so much for another Moving tribute.


  • I was so sad to hear that Margaret had joined so many other dear brave people from here. She was very inspirational to me and I shall miss her wise words.

    LA xx

  • I knew Margaret wasn't well of late but didn't expect to hear this news. She was a very strong, brave and independent woman and I don't think this disease took any of those things from her. If anything, it highlighted them.

    Sending condolences to all her friends and family.

    Thank you Gwyn for your tribute. Xxx

  • Sending heartfelt condolences to all her family and friends. Lovely tribute Gwynn. Love Wendy xxx

  • Very sad news.

  • Thank you Dear Gwyn for another beautiful tribute....Margaret was such an inspiration and was so positive. Condolences to her family.

    Love to you too Gwyn xxx

  • Condolences to Margarets family xx Another Angel called to heaven xx

  • Gwyn ,

    A brilliant tribute to a wonderful lady . Resilient and strong . I met her a while ago and can still recall much of our conversation. I will miss her and her practical realistic view of the nature of this grotty nasty disease. . My thoughts are with her family , x

  • My condolences to Margaret's family.

    A lovely tribute Gwyn.

    Jenny x

  • Feel very sad to read this post, Margaret helped me so much 3 years ago when I first joined this site. My condolences to her family and friends. Thank you once again Gwyn for your tribute. Love Bridie.

  • Very sad to read this post, what a determined lady she was and will be missed here, thoughts are with her family and friends.

    Madeline x

  • Another lovely poem Gwyneth so sorry to hear of Margarets passing.

    Linda xx

  • Thank you for your lovely poem, it is sad when one of us leaves like this but I send my condolences to you and also her family

  • Thank you Gwen,

    My condolences to Margaret's family and friends x

  • Thanks for a lovely tribute, Gwyn. I feel privileged to have known Margaret and met her in London. We shared lots of online conversations and I loved her honesty, her ability to make the most of whatever this horrible disease threw at her, her irreverent humour and her sense of fun. I will miss her, My thoughts go to her family and friends. She was a truly unforgettable woman.

    Love Wendy xx

  • Again a lovely tribute to a lost friend Gwyn. Thank you so much. My thoughts are with Margarets Family and Friends.

  • Many condolences. Lovely, touching poem.

  • I didn't always agree with her, but I am so sorry she is gone. A feisty lady. Vxxx

  • Sad

  • Lovely words again Gwyn. So sad that they have to be written, but comforting to remember a 'Sister' in this way.

    Much love

    Annette xxx

  • Very fitting tribute to Margaret, its sad to lose another lady. Thank you Gwyn.

    Love kaz xx

  • I'm so sorry to hear this sad news, and thanks Gwyn for another beautiful tribute. My thoughts are with Margaret's friends and family. Meryl x

  • So sad to hear this news, I didn't know Margaret in person, but she was an inspiration to me on this forum, with her fighting spirit and hilarious sense of humour. I've been missing her posts for a while, and even more so now. Sending condolences to her friends and family. Gina x

  • Sad to lose yet another member. Condolences to Margaret's family. Another lovely tribute Gwyn. Hope you are well. Ann x

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