-A Tribute to Shabila (trolleydollyuk)-

--A Tribute to Shabila (trolleydollyuk)--

.................... 09-10-2014.........................

It is with sadness and dismay,

We say goodbye to trolleydollyuk.

She joined us in two thousand and ten,

And has been our dear friend since then.

Shabila will be missed by all of us,

She was never one to make a fuss.

Even when things started to go wrong,

Shabila appeared to be so strong.

Always one to offer a kind word,

Losing her seems so absurd.

She was wise beyond her years,

Never gave in to her inward fears.

Gone too soon it is so hard to take,

Too young to be taken, our hearts ache.

We offer her family our deepest regret,

Words alone are so inept.

As we now suffer yet another loss,

It is hard not to count the cost.

We say goodbye to another friend,

Her suffering has now come to an end.

We shall draw comfort knowing this,

But there is no denying she will be missed.

On this as her friends we all agree,

Our sincere condolences to her family.


20 Replies

  • Another sad loss ,what a wonderful poem. Let's hope that there is no suffering in the final resting place. Gillx

  • Another great poem Gwynn! Glad to see you are still setting pen to paper! Hope you are keeping well, you are sadly missed on here!!!

    Sending heartfelt condolences to Shabila's family

    Love and hugs Wendy xxx

  • The words are amazing. I am not a regular Ovacome visitor, but when I do pop on I always find it so helpful and uplifting, especially just reading the poem above. God Bless you Shabila, we pray you are free from pain. Jx

  • A lovely tribute to our friend. Thank you Gwyn.

    Love Mary xx

  • Thank you for this Gwyn. A lovely tribute xxx

  • Firstly my condolences to Shabilas family, another sad loss. Secondly a fitting tribute from Gwyn (again) - Gwyn i hope you are well and happy. Laurence

  • Very nice poem, Gwyn, and good to see you properly back. Hope all's going well for you.

    Take care, Love Solange

  • A lovely, moving tribute to Shabila.. My heart goes out to her family. xxxxx

  • a lovely poem for a lovely lady may she rest in peace

  • Gwyn ,

    Such a lovely tribute to a lovely lady , you capture the sentiments felt so well ,


  • Lovely!

  • A lovely poem and fitting tribute for the loss of another of our brave women

    love francesca x

  • Thank you for another fitting tribute to a friend who has left us. So very sad.

    I hop you are doing well and hope to see you on here again Gwyn.


  • Thank you Gwyn. Another very sad loss.

  • Thank you Gwyn. xo

  • Heart felt sympathy to all her family.

    Love Jenny xxx

  • So sad. Thanks for the words. Vxxx

  • Thank you for a lovely and fitting tribute

    Lots love

    Ally xx

  • So very sad..wonderful tribute Gwyn, you put into words how we all feel, thank you

    Love Kaz xx

  • Yes she will be missed and thank-you Gwyn for the words which come from our hearts.

    Dee x

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