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-A Tribute to Jill (leftleg)-

--------A Tribute to Jill (leftleg)--------


How sad we are to say goodbye,

To another friend, we question why.

Too often we are filled with dread,

To hear another friend is dead.

Our memories will still remain,

And hope her life was not in vain.

Pleased she chose to come online,

To seek advice our lives entwine.

A privilege for us to have known,

This special friendship we have grown.

Even though we have never met,

The loss we feel is sad regret.

We are glad she joined us for a while,

The name she chose caused us to smile.

We say goodbye to dear Jill,

But it is fitting to say "leftleg" still.

We know she will be sorely missed,

Her strength and courage hard to resist.

Our thoughts are now with her family,

Please accept our deepest sympathy.


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So sorry to read this.

My thoughts are with Jill's family.

Thanks for the tribute Gwyn.


Zannah xxx


I am sorry to hear that this disease has overcome another one of , but i pray for strength for her family and strength for myself cause it saddens me.......


So sad to lose yet another friend. Thank you for your lovely tribute Gwyn.

Love Mary xx


My condolences to Jill's family m x


So sorry to hear of another sad event, my thoughts are with Jill's family. Yet another wonderful poem. Thanks Gwyn. Gillx


Heartfelt condolences to all the family!

Well done again Gwyn!!!

Love Wendy xx


Sorry to hear of another of our members passing. Thanks Gwyn. Ann xo


Gywn ,

Lovely tribute . Sad to see another member passing. I'm sure she will be greatly missed by friends and family xx


So sorry to hear this sad news heart felt sympathy to all the family, lovely tribute Gwyn

Love Jenny xxx


So sad to lose another member. Thoughts are with Jill's family. Well done Gwyn, another lovely tribute.

Love Annette xxx


Another sad loss of one of our members . Condolences to all her family. Thank you Gwyn for your lovely words

Ally xx


This is a lovely tribute Gwyn. I think you're right when you say that our lives are entwined. I feel that tangle and am thankful for it. And, yes, Jill's name did make me smile too. I always imagined Jill was doing the Okey Cokey. Silly isn't it? We're all closely bonded even if sometimes we think we're not. As you say Gwyn, this is a club nobody wants to belong to but we're glad we have it to give comfort and get strength to go on. I often forget why I'm here only to be reminded of the cruelty of this disease. My condolences to Jill's family and friends. xxxx

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So sad to hear about the loss of Jill, my thoughts are with her family....beautiful tribute once more Gwyn, thank you.

Love Kaz xx


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