--- A Tribute to Carolyn --- (caramel)

--- A Tribute to Carolyn --- (caramel)

........A Tribute to Carolyn (Caramel)........

.....With recognition to her sister Mel ....

Another friend another sad loss,

We feel the pain and the cost.

A privilege to know her sister Mel,

A member on here with a story to tell.

A more caring sister is hard to find,

Oh how she cared for Carolyn.

And now what's left is a gaping hole,

Hard to give up this caring role.

Take comfort that you were there for her,

I am sure she knew your love was clear.

No words of wisdom can we offer now,

We wish we could take your pain somehow.

Take care our friend you did your best,

She's now free from pain and at rest.

Our thoughts turn to you and your family.

Please accept our deepest sympathy.


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  • Beautiful Gwyn, I was shocked when I read Caramels post last night about Mel but you've summed it up perfectly xx

  • Beautiful tribute Gwyn, so sorry to hear about Carolyn, I'm sure Mel will get some comfort from your lovely words.

    Love kaz xx

  • Thank you for the tribute Gwyn. My thoughts are with her family xxx

  • Yes, I think that too. Having a wonderful sister is a lovely gift. Xxx

  • Another beautiful tribute Gwynn

    Your words say all that we are feeling x

  • Very sad news about Carolyn.Thoughtful tribute Gwyn.Thank you. X

  • Such beautiful words Gwyn and even though I did not know these lovely ladies it conveys the bitter sweet feeling when pain , love and loss are combined. Mel will always know she did her best for her sister and I hope that will bring her comfort in these difficult times of grief and loss.


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