-A Tribute to Colette (Fitzy)-

...........A Tribute to Colette (Fitzy)..............


Fitzy was special I think you'll agree,

An inspiration to you and to me.

It is with sadness we say goodbye,

Questions are there and wondering why.

She was our friend on healthunlocked,

Suffice to say that we are all shocked.

We will remember our friend Colette,

So dignified and hard to forget.

We will remember her fight for life,

Her quiet resolve and her inward strife.

We count it a privilege to have known,

And the special bond that we have grown.

We say goodbye with a heavy heart,

And can only attempt to impart.

This grief we feel is hard to bear,

For this friend that was always there.

Words alone are not enough,

Life without her will be tough.

We send her family our sympathy,

Comforted that she is now pain free.

We hope the legacy of love she's left,

Will help you through this time bereft.

May the care she had was not in vain,

And help you through this inward pain.


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  • Thank you for this tribute Gwyn.

    Colette was a lovely lady.

    My thoughts are with her family.


    Zannah x

  • I am sorry I posted this tribute with the wrong date... the correct date is 31-08-2014

    I then deleted my membership and realised my mistake so have rejoined to correct it.

    It s with great sadness that I have written this... I know that many of you would want to know about the loss of Colette and also send your condolences to Dennis her husband and to her lovely family...

  • You are missed Gwen. Loved all your posts. Hope you are doing well. X

  • Beautiful tribute Gwyn at a very sad time, my thoughts are with Colette's family and also with you, I know you and Colette were close, she was a lovely lady.

    Love Kaz xx

  • Thank you Gwyn for your tribute to Colette. It certainly was a privilege to have known her, she was such a lovely person. All my sympathy to her family.

    Love Mary xx

  • Such sad news.

  • Dear Gwyn ,

    So fitting a tribute for Colette .... she was indeed very dignified and a lovely lady .

    Colette is the third person we now have lost from our London trip last year ...so very sad .

    My thoughts are with her family .

    Thank you Gwyn xx and thanks for letting me know xxx

  • So sad to hear of Colette's passing. She always came across so well with her contributions to our group. Thank Gwyn for the lovely tribute.


  • Lovely to hear from you Gwyn you, I really miss your posts but I'm sorry its in such sad circumstances. My thoughts and condolences go out to Colette's family xxx

  • So sorry to learn of another member's death. This is one horrible disease. Lovely tribute Gwyn. Ann xo

  • Thank you Gwyn I know Colette liked your poems. She was a lovely person and was always at EVOC when she could be. She fought so hard and I know how much it meant to her to get to the wedding. Linda x

  • Thank you for such a lovely tribute Gwyn.

    It is very sad news indeed.

    I have nothing but admiration for the way Colette coped with her illness and some very rough times.

    She was stoic and dignified throughout.

    My condolences to her family and friends who all meant so much to her.

    Anne Brawley

  • Dear All, I feel like an intruder into a special friendship circle. Did you all make contact through Health Unlocked? Needless to say it is an inevitability that most of us won't have a long life and what better tribute than to live life to the full with courage, humour and a positive approach. The poem was great Gwen.

    Best wishes to you all.

  • Very beautiful fitting poem Gwyn for a really beautiful lady. So sad xx

  • Beautiful Poem, so sorry you lost a friend. At times this site is sad but look at all the support we give and get. We understand on here and that is what makes the site.

  • We all lost a beautiful friend here and we're all very sad, as someone commented earlier, it's an inevitability that most of us won't have a long life, that's why it's so important to pay tribute to a lovely lady and let her family know she is in our hearts too xx

  • My condolences to her family, another fitting tribute from Gwyn..............Gwyn, i hope you are doing ok and taking good care. Laurence

  • You are right Suzuki it is a beautiful poem and a wonderful tribute to Colette. It wasn't just herself Gwyn was talking about, when she mentioned losing a friend, many people on here were friends with Colette. She posted regularly and had been on not so long ago. I think Gwyn was reflecting on the fact many of us have lost a friend in Colette. She was a lovely lady who was very stoical about her condition and who was a real support to others.

    Best wishes


  • So sorry another friend gone but not forgotten love to her family. Xxx

  • Very sad to lose another friend. Gwyn you are a marvel to come up with new poems for all our friends that have to leave us. You wrote a lovely tribute to my daughter Jaci who left us in May. We miss her terribly and sometimes think we must be dreaming. Sincere sympathy to Colettes family. Gill

  • I am sorry I didnt mean any offense. I know I am relatively new to this site, am also on Ovacare. The poem indeed was lovely thank you Gwen. I am sorry that we all lost a friend. I say we because I am part of the group. I didnt know Colette personally and I do realise she was a friend to many and especially Gwen. It is a sad time and having had Ovarian Cancer since 2006 I do realise that as much as we fight it one day it will get the better of me. We also lost a friend last week from our Ova care group. It is upsetting, again sincere apologies

  • Thank you Gwyn lovely words for a lovely lady from someone special - helps the sadness xxx

  • A lovely tribute Gwyn for lovely Collete who will be sadly missed by us all.

    Also sending my sympathy to her family, at this very sad time for them all.

    Angie x

  • So sorry to hear this news x another one of our friends lost to this horrible illness. My thoughts are with her family. Thanks for posting a lovely tribute Gwyn xx

  • So very sorry to read this. Peace to all those who knew and loved Collette. Good words, Gwyn. Vxxx

  • Another gem from Gwen - so sad to lose another one of our group. My thoughts are with her family.

    Good to hear from you Gwen, hope you are well.

    Annette xxx

  • This is a lovely poem to our dear Colette. Sending my condolences to Colette's family and also to everyone who knew and loved her. Thank you Gwyn. You always know just what to say and I know you write from your heart. xxxx

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