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Straight back into limbo!

So, I had my last chemo yesterday which I already had mixed feelings about. When I left I had to go straight away to get an abscess sorted which has been at the base of my scar for some weeks now. It has been seen regularly by my chemo team, GP, and my oncologist who all wanted me to get my last chemo done before anything was done. Luckily got seen straight away but the surgical registrar cut into it only to announce it isn't an abscess. There is no pus or infection, a clear serous fluid came out and he can see some complex tissue. On what should be the first day of the rest of my life I am now waiting for a phone call to arrange a biopsy on it. After fighting this for the last 6 months I now feel I have been catapulted straight back to the beginning 😕

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Hi Becky, sorry to hear you have this to worry about. Maybe its nothing sinister - could it just be a seroma or something? I hope you get an answer soon and some peace of mind. Hugs Gxx


So sorry to hear this. I hope it is benign and sorted soon.


Oh Becky,

How gutting for you when you should be celebrating. To be honest, even without the worry you have with the biopsy, the last chemo can be an anti-climax due to feeling grotty and then by the time you feel well again, the event has past. For me the best time was the day chemo would have been due again and I was free to do what I wanted to! So let's hope you get a good result and for you that day will be extra sweet. I really hope your lump is something and nothing.

Sending positive and supportive vibes for you.

Sandra. X


Hi Becky, ßorry to hear this. On a p9sitive note though, you have just completed chemo so hopefully this will have worked on this too. Hope y9u don't have to wait too long for biopsy. Ann x


So sorry to here this and hoping for a benign biopsy! I too just finished a long and arduous chemo schedule with debulking surgery in the middle of it all followed by a 9 day stay in the hospital for a small bowel obstruction. I'm cautiously optimistic.....waiting for the other foot to drop. What I do know is that God has us in his arms. I try to stay as positive as I can. We can do this!!


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