Could it be back?

Hi, haven't been on for a while but have been reading all your posts. I had an excellent response to my chemo carbo/taxol and at the end of 6 sessions my CA125 was down to 30.5 (the highest was 290). I have just had the results of my 3 month blood test and it has rocketed to 270, am really scared that it has come back, I had a CT scan done last week as well and get the results of that on Tuesday, but just now am really worried, has anyone had rising CA125 that wasn't a re-occurance?

Tess x

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  • Hi Tess,

    Try not to panic too much - there are other things that can send your ca125 up, but the scan will help them to assess what's going on. Although inevitable; the worry is only going to undermine you by interfering with sleep and enjoyment of everything. You've done all that can be done until the results come in - try to put it aside and immerse yourself in other things until Tuesday. The answer to your direct question is yes - I'm not one of them, but there have been others on here whose elevated ca125 has not indicated recurrence.

    Hoping the explanation is one you want.

    Very best wishes,


  • Hi Isadora, thanks for your reply, I will try and put it to the back of my mind if I can. x

  • Hi Tess!

    Isadora is right! I am busy following her advice as I see my surgeon for a review on Thursday, had bloods taken last Tuesday and I dread being told that tha CA125 is up again. It happened last year in January so I am crossing everything I have for us both. CA125 is not definitive but I know how you feel!

  • Good luck to you, lets hope we both get the news we want. Let me know how you get on won't you.

    Take care


  • good luck margaret


  • Thanks to you both Teresa & Sue!

  • margaret, figers crossed, well everything crossed for you,Love Sue x

  • Thanks to you too!


  • Hi Margaret,

    Sorry Tess jumping in on your question and Margaret's answer. Looks like we are all listening to Isadora's advice at the moment. Like you Margaret I had my bloods done yesterday ready for my oncologist's appt on wednesday. I think I'm pretty sure that the little 'b' has been on the move yet again. I hope 5 annual chemos down the line there is something left to help me fight. Thanks to BusyLizzie and some others on this site at least I have a few suggestions.

    Good luck to you both and to anyone else waiting for news


  • Good luck to you too Sue!

  • Hi Tess

    as others have said, CA125 is not a good marker for everyone, mine had stayed at 7 and I had a reccurence. my onc, said they take it because it might be an indicator, but not with everyone, I know that tummy bugs put mine up- I panicked, but no need!

    hope all goes well, take care



  • Tess, as the other ladies have said, its the CT scan that will show if there is anything going on. Wish you luck, let us know the results. Love Sue x

  • Dear Tess

    It's a horrible wait. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Tuesday Tess.

    Good luck.


  • Thanks for all your lovely support and kind wishes. Will let you know how things go on Tuesday.

    Love to you all

    Tess x

  • Thinking of you today, Tess.

    Love Lizzie


  • Thanks Lizzie, am getting more and more anxious by the minute!! Will let you know the results later.

    Love Tess x

  • Hi Tess,

    I too had finished my first set of chemo all went well went down to 13, three months later my CA125 went up to 136, it was devastating news the cancer was back it was resistant so this may be what has happened to you,when it has gone up that quickley it has come back if it had gone up slowly and there is nothing to see on the scan that would be fine there may be nothing to see on your scan so like other ladies have said it will be something else, and they will wait and watch to see what is going to happen with the CA125 keep climbing or come down.


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