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Back to reality

Within the hour we will be heading to Canberra airport for Sydney, then on to Abu Dhabi, then Heathrow. We have spent two months here visiting my children and grandchildren. It has been a great time away from hospital visits and chemo. Last June I managed to break both ankles, which have healed in the last week or so. I have an appointment with the oncologist on Monday and will start yet again on taxol. My recurrence last year having gemzar, carbo and avastin didn't work. So here we go again! Warm regards to everyone Carole 😊

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Safe journey home. Hope the taxon does its trick. X x


Dear Carole

What a lovely holiday visiting your family. That's a great way of using your remission.

I didn't have much of a response to carboplatin, gemcitibane and Avastin. I did much better on third line on carboplatin and taxol. I hope it goes well for you. xxx

love Annie


Morning Annie, did you have carbo/taxol first line?

Just wondering as I'm in it now and hoping that this discomfort is worth more than a few months remission....I had it weekly first time.

Dawn xx


Hi Dawn, I'm really sorry to hear you're feeling rough on carbo/taxol. I had single-agent carbo only first time as the hospital forgot to order the taxol.

Three lines later I might consider Caelyx but not at any cost. If I feel rough on it and it made me miserable I wouldn't plough on with it.

I found I was just flat out on about Day 3 after the treatment with carbo-taxol, then the next two days got better and better. Apart from losing my hair I didn't really have any other side-effects.

How many more have you got to go?xxxx love Annie


This is only number 2!

It's been a shock to my system and self belief. I found the carbo/Caelyx fine, worked through that one, apart from the last cycle when the fatigue hit, but it only gave me just about 6 months off.

I'm hit from the evening day 2, don't seem to get the energiser bunny effect of the steroids that others talk about. The fatigue and joint pain last till about day 6, well it did on number 1, and feels like it's going to do the same again....

but I'm a third of the way through, this cycle and then this line, onwards and upwards. I'm like a lot of people, not good at being sofa bound!

Dawn xx


Oh dear Dawn that does sound miserable. I don't mind being sofa or bed bound if I have something interesting to do or read and I feel well. It sounds just awful to feel exhausted and have joint pain for 6 days after treatment.

I've been thoroughly spoilt as I have generally not suffered side-effects but know how bad they can be. No knowing either which potion will give you bad feelings, or even if you have the same one twice whether the reactions will be the same.

It's a strange old disease with its rather barbaric treatments.

On and up! Hope you find some convivial company to while away the hours on the sofa.

xx Annie


Thanks Annie,

As most people are at work I'm keeping my own company which will be 90% the reason why I'm being so morose, very unlike me!

I'll buck up shortly xx


oh and I more cycle then holiday mid line, that's cheered me up!


That is hard. I'm not much for my own company. I have a month to work on reducing my DVT and lymphoedema and it will involve a lot of time in the house in bed or on the sofa on my own. Perhaps we should have a telephone chat and cheer one another up.

Sending loads of love xx Annie

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How lovely that you have had two months in the sun, probably did you the world of good and with family. Have a safe trip home and when you have time can you please let me know what you did about insurance, always a big problem.

If I am lucky enough to get a good break at the end of my treatment in April I would love to go to Oz, Perth ,for a while to see my son and grandchildren.

Good luck with the weekly taxol, I am on that.


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Hi Cah,have a safe journey home.The sunshine and seeing your family will have done you a power of good.Keep your warm happy emotions wrapped tightly around you until you meet Onc next

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Hi Carole,

It must have been wonderful to see your family and the break and build up of strength you need, have a safe journey home and you will be invigorated for the treatment when you get home

Lots of love and best wishes

Another Carole with an E xx


Sounds fantastic. Two months in the sun! I too would like to know about your travel insurance. My sister is coming from Oz when I have my operation and eventually we'll travel back together. I've made some enquiries but I can't yet answer all the questions, so cannot get a sensible quote.

Good luck with the oncologist, and welcome back to Blighty. 🕶 to 🌂 !



Great you had a lovely time with your family I bet you will be sorry about the heat and the sun when you arrive home. What a great way to spend time away from hospitals etc. I am glad your ankles healed well and I wish you well for treatment


Thanks for all your wonderful, cheery comments. For those who asked about travel insurance, the short answer is I never bother. I just take a large supply of medication and keep my fingers crossed. Being in Oz for me is not a problem because I have dual nationality and have a Medicare card. I take my latest paperwork just in case. Sorry I can't be of any help to anyone but wish you all the very best! Warm regards Carole 😊


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