Decision made - delaying 2nd treatment :)

Hi Ladies. Meeting with the oncologist today went as I hoped. I am asymptomatic and after a thorough examination it was agreed to delay my chemo for the the time being. My Avastin has been approved and will remain that way until I begin the regime of carbo/gem. I am pleased that I was able to take control and after speaking to the specialist nurse, she confirmed that she felt my decision was the right one. Why put something into your body that you know is going to make you so ill, when at the moment you feel so well. Of course if I begin to get symptoms I will contact the hospital straight away and get seen. Happy that I don't have to have chemo ......... just yet. Love n hugs Izzy xxxxxxxxx

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  • Brilliant news, may you be asymptomatic for ages,

    Love Ally xx

  • Oh yes please!!!!! Xxxxx

  • Sounds like a wise decision to me.

    Anne x

  • Thank you for your support Anne xxx

  • Wonderful ! Love Tina x x

  • Brilliant News Izzy, so pleased for you. Love Trish xx

  • Hip, hip Hooray Izzy. Really pleased to hear you've come to the right decision.

  • Oh how I love love this site. No-one is hardly ever negative. Such positivity fills me with happiness. Don't let us ever lose this. We remain strong women, even when faced with this rotten disease. Love n hugs to everyone Izzy xxxxxxxx

  • Agreed, it is helping me a lot. xx

  • Great plan Izzy, they were so definate at the royal society medicine day about this being the right thing to do - all the oncologists agreed that always delay treatment until aspmtomatic as 1. Likely to work better as lengthens gap from last chemo so better response to chemo drugs 2. Doesn't really affect outcome and 3. Means means more time ahead off chemo and less time on it which is very important for having some fun - I was cynical initially , but they presented this so clearly it made absolute sense - so ' way to go girl' !!!!

    Enjoy being asymptomtic and not on chemo



  • Thank you soooooo much Hilary. I know in my heart it was the right thing to do, but my head was saying "is it the right thing to do?" You have put it so clearly that it WAS and IS the right thing to do. I am going to copy and paste this on a text to my family and friends who are worrying that I am denying myself the treatment that will make me 'better'. It is my body, my health - and above all my happiness that counts. Thank you again. Love n hugs Izzy xxxxxxxx

  • Hi Izzy, it was a thunderbolt moment for me too , made the way ahead seem to much clearer and better, pleased that's made you smile xxxxx

  • Hi Izzy. Thanks for sharing your news. I am in the same boat and asymptomatic too. Chemo to start when symptoms should start. With any luck this will be next year at the earliest :)


  • I feel I haven't had enough time off chemo yet!! Only finished 1st February :( I am going to wait and see what happens. When it happens I will make another decision. Let's share our symptoms and fight together. Izzystep xxxxx

  • Sounds like a good plan to me ....all the best , enjoy your time off chemo ,

    Dy x

  • Thanx dy. Long may it last xxxxxx

  • Hi, Izzy.

    Enjoy your chemo free time e be happy!

    Hugs, Fernanda

  • Hi my own chemo. delayed because I tried alternatives first, had at least another 8 months before I had paxi taxol and carb. now in remission again. the feeling general about leaving as long as possible, worked for me. Best of Luck Jenny xxx

  • Thank you Jenny. I am hoping to stay asymptotic as long as possible. Another lady has give me a name of an alternative that kept chemo at bay. Am going to try it. I know I have cancer, I know it's growing, but whilst I feel well, and on the oncologist advice, I a, going to delay as long as possible. Izzy xxxxx

  • Dear Izzy - well done you, I'm full of admiration. Much better to take ones time and consider all options. I started my 2nd chemo very quickly - I could feel a lump but otherwise felt totally fine - and with hindsight I would have preferred to wait and calm down a bit before starting (I'm treated in France and the docs were keen to start). Please keep posting as I find it so interesting - Nicola x

  • Bonjour Nicola. That's the extent of my French :). I must say that if my doc advised starting chemo, I would have taken that advice. At this moment I am pleased to have a bit more time before starting chemo again. I am meeting with the onc in 21st November, again with a view to starting chemo on the 22nd. Hopefully this can be delayed once again, maybe till after Xmas. That would be great! I will keep all the ladies up to date. Thanks Nicola for your support. Love n hugs Izzy xxxxxxxx

  • Izzy, great that you were able to make a decision along with advice from the specialists.

    As you say to be able to take control of your treatment is so empowering. Why put poisons into your body when you are feeling well, as it seems to defeat the object of keeping you well for longer and enjoying time with family and friends.

    I think our specialists our more in line with other European allies, whereas America seems to step in at any opportunity of symptoms of cancer returning. I must say no one is certain of how we will all reacts to chemo

    as it is unique as our DNA, and our symptoms are going to develop, for how long etc.

    I am in the 'same boat' as watch and wait for me, and like you feeling really well, which is peculiar......!!!!!

    Waiting for CA125 results and next month 3rd scan in 9 months, which is a bit alarming at times, as I do not know what those blasted cells are doing, I compare it to a 'naughty child' and you do not know what they are up to!!

    Emotions elevated at times, but most of the time I keep them 'under wrap!'

    Sending hugs Janette xx

  • Hi Janette. Yes, it really is a case of "wait and see!" I'm not sure when and if they will scan me again, my last one being 10th September. I know my CA125 is on the up, but still no symptoms. I did read that in the USA they 'zap' almost immediately, but in the UK we tend to wait. I am not ready to start chemo again. Like you I keep my feelings close to my chest, but at the moment happy to take one day (or one onc appointment) at a time. Love n hugs Izzy xxxxxxxx

  • All the very best Izzy, sounds a very wise decision, so pleased for you.

    Love Kaz xx

  • Thank you Kaz. It's always a worry but I know it's the right thing at the moment. Love n hugs Izzy xxx

  • All the very best indeed ; I can only echo everyone else here ; the anxiety creeps into every corner , but when results are good , we are good !

    Yes , we are all " strong " women ...and it feels right , doesn't it , to get your body back on your own terms ? Get stronger , lots of nutrition in , and only start chemo later / Otherwise you are being bombarded and it seems counter intuitive to start later , but it should ironically , Izzy , give you a better start .

    Interesting about America...has anyone else noticed the huge array of headgear for us , on line from The States ? I know it's a huge country ....but some people out there have made an industry out of chemo heads !!

    Very best wishes to all .xx

    Off to spain tomorrow .

  • Not checked out the headgear from the USA but I bet it's OTT. The bigger, the better lol. We will all look like Dolly Parton if we purchased some of the wigs on offer. Have a great time in Spain. Hopefully the weather will be better than cold old UK. Love n hugs Izzy xxxxx

  • Great news Izzy. Enjoy your extended time off. I'm also really hoping to get past Christmas before starting 2nd line and count my blessings every day that I continue to feel well.



  • Thanks Lynne. There are so many ladies on this site that are 'wait and see' It's so hard because I feel like a walking time bomb. Any day it could go BOOM!!!! and I will be back on the blasted chemo again. That said, I still intend to enjoy every second without it xxxxx

  • Hi .. I was thinking that I read somewhere that chemo works on the more active cells which is one of the reasons for the wait. Love Tina x x

  • Hi Tina. Let's hope this us the case, because there are a lot if us in this boat, all rowing down the same river. Love n hugs Izzy xxxxxxx

  • You're not wrong there Izzy .. Love and hugs to you too ... Tina x x

  • Very glad for you, Izzy.


    Eileen xx

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