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Results tomorrow

Results tomorrow

Hi, I should get my CA125 results tomorrow and I'm struggling to cope with the idea of operations and treatment. My Mum died of breast cancer that spread to her bones and I saw what an awful time she went through, she was so brave and I'm not like that at all. Not sure where to find support, want to stay strong for my husband.

Not able to work so they let me go as I am still in probation period, it's not just the money but the company and the distraction of being with people all day that I miss...

Clare x

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Welcome Clare,

We all know how hard waiting for results can be, especially if we've had the experience of loved ones suffering.

You don't tell us much about the background to your post, but there's a lot of experience and kindness on this site in relation to ovarian cancer, including from some of us who've had both.

Fingers crossed for tomorrow and try to enjoy the beautiful sunshine today - if you have it where you are- cross tomorrow's bridges tomorrow! xx

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Hello Mac!

It was a huge shock really...I started having pain under my left ribcage and was having trouble eating as I felt full too soon. Had ultrasound for liver & pancreas and was told all looked normal. Went back to the doc who then said could be ovarian and arranged CA125 test. Pain is now under both ribs and also some pain/discomfort lower down starting and the occasional stabbing pain. Gets worse by afternoon/evening. No appetite much either.

Well, you're right, deal with it tomorrow....I'm going to stop feeling sorry for myself, get out of bed, go and root through local charity shop for a good book, and go and chill in the garden once the sun comes out.


Sounds like an excellent plan.... and good that your GP seems to be on the ball about what the symptoms might suggest....

Best of luck and take care xx


Hi Clare

I have Ovarian Cancer which my mum also had and I nursed her at home so I know exactly where you are coming from. You say your mum was brave and that you are not. I think once you have your results (which I hope are good) that you will surprise yourself. I never thought I would cope but 8 years on and here I am, coping, working full time etc. Enjoy today, take tomorrow when it comes and deal with whatever then and deal with it you will, you are braver than you think Please keep us updated, we are all here to support one another. You will also find support from the hospital, please don't be afraid to ask for it. Sending you a big virtual hug. Kathy xx


Thank you to everyone who replied, and especially for the virtual hugs :-)


Hope all goes well today. X x


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