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Hi I'm Vanessa aged 46. I started with a very bloated stomach 3 weeks ago with indigestion, pains in stomach and feeling very full so eating is little and often. At first I thought it was just constipation but after 2 weeks i decided to give my dr a ring as all the symptoms pointed to OC. I couldn't get an appointment til mid May but luckily the receptionist got my dr to ring me and we had a discussion on the phone. Thankfully she took me seriously and I had a blood test done on Thursday, should get results tomorrow. I'm so scared, it's the not knowing which is the worst. The last couple of mornings I've woken up feeling very sick (drinking peppermint tea as I type!) and feeling so fatigued. I just can tell my body is feeling unwell as usually I'm fit and healthy. If it OC then I will deal with it and try and be positive. My mum died of BC at the age of 57. She was 42 when she was first diagnosed. The most upsetting thing for me is knowing my two girls ages 14 and 11 will have to go through this like i did with my mum and I feel so guilty already and this is without a firm diagnosis! My husband and dear dad are being so supportive (they are the only ones that know). Thanl younif you've read this far, just putting my thoughts in writing has been helpful. Would be good to hear from anyone going through the same thing right now.

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  • Hi Vanessa

    Totally get how you feel. Not knowing is just the worst thing. If it is bad news then the ladies on here are brilliant. I don't know what I would have done without this group. They've answered all my questions, however silly the questions might be. The support on here is second to none and we all really need support.

    Here's hoping though that it's not what you fear.

    Wishing you the best. Keep strong.

    Thinking of you. Xx

  • yes mumpkin, waiting is horrible. I've had both breast cancer and ovarian cancer and I'm still here enjoying life with energy and passion. It is possible to survive these diseases. Once you get a diagnosis it will be easy to just take the next step. This is a wonderful group of kind women. You'll get a great deal of support here. Tesla

  • Hi Vanessa,

    I'm so sorry that you've had cause to join the forum- you will find loads of support, suggestions and experience here though whatever happens!

    It seems to me that both you and your GP are really on the ball- this can make such a difference as does having the fantastic support of your two lovely men!!!

    Waiting is a horrible thing- our minds tend to fly around all over the place and get tied up in the 'what ifs'. Some find distractions can help a little... Do take good care of you and keep posting if it's useful. 'One step at a time' is a good thing to hold onto! Diagnosis of OVCA is not inevitable...

    Wishing you hope and strength, Sx

  • Hello. Not knowing is awful, especially with your family background. I'm glad you only have to wait till tomorrow. I hope it's not OC but mine was diagnosed over 6 years ago and I'm still here and fighting.

  • Hi Vanessa. What's good is how seriously your GP has taken your symptoms and how quickly they have acted. Fingers crossed for tomorrow x

  • Hi Vanessa , I really hope its not what you think it is for your sake and your children but already I can tell you are a really strong lady and you will get through whatever is thrown at you , best of luck xoxox Ki

  • Thank you lovely ladies, I'm touched by your replies. Yes I was lucky my gp was on the ball and got me a blood test done the next day. My pelvic area is swollen on both sides, a bit like after I had a c section after my first born. I'm usually quite an optimistic person but I seem to have every OC symptom going which isn't helping. Feeling quite emotional but trying my best to not be in front of the children!. This may sound funny but with my mum's history I had thought naively that if I was to get the big C it would be BC so in my mind I had a plan of what route I would want to go down. Never occurred to me that I may get OC. Sorry for waffling x

  • Hello Vanessa

    I know it's awful but you are doing something which will help you..whatever the news is and potentially could help keep your children safe. I was diagnosed with OC and it turned out I had BRCA 1...the Angelina Jolie gene (me and much in common). It was awful but now my daughters can be tested and take action if they are at risk.

    Once you know what you are dealing with (cancer or something else) you have choices and you have some power back.

    Try to do something you will enjoy today and distract of luck xx

  • Hey Hunny, I'm new here , had all the symptoms you have and my GP was excellent too, had blood tests and ultrasound so fast, pain got so severe I was admitted to remove the cyst they found and it was OC, meeting with the oncologist tomorrow to discuss treatment....If it is, you will deal with this , but remember these symptoms can mean lots of other things too...I try and stop my mind wandering by keeping busy, never been one for the garden but I'm weeding and painting walls and in the evening I'm doing a vintage cross-stitch and loving it ...Massive good luck moving forward, sending lots of hugs xx

  • Could be something like IBS, or a lingering viral thing, if your expecting any answers here from these women don't It's a support group, but my definition of support is different than theirs. I can feel your concerns, but don't think of all the things it might be, there are so many. Try not to worry.

  • Just remember the ca 125 is not a reliable test false positives can result from a virus, cyst rupture (now their is a thought when my simple cyst would rupture I'd get extremely bloated and sick, because it was all that fluid in my stomach) anything really can cause a false positive. I am trying to get an appointment myself but I'm also trying to stay positive. Cheers!

  • CA125 test is a very useful tool but not a definitive one. It shouldn't be dismissed though and it is helpful to appreciate the wider picture.

    As you say there can for a small number of women be both 'false' negatives or 'false' positives. In the event of a raised CA125 an Ultrasound scan and further investigation is required...

    It is increasingly recognised that the changes in an individual's CA125 can be a more useful indicator (especially at lower levels)

    There is good factual information about it here:

  • Good that the GP fast tracked you. My mum diagnosed with stage 3 a month ago with barely any symptoms. Fast tracked at start too due to size of the mass but shes had to have 3 biopsies in last fortnight as first 2 inconclusive. All they said is theyll call when result ready so Mon to Fri she is on tenterhooks whole time waiting for phone to ring. Keeping busy just isnt cutting it for us at the moment, mentally preparing yourself for news every day not knowing when itll come is draining and really tough. We just want to crack on with treatment, as they first told her she would be by now. While you wait maybe try to tell yourself that as soon as you have that next piece of info, youll be able to take back control to some extent. I think thats whats worst about this part, the total helplessness. Once you know, you can take it from there.

  • Thanks again ladies. Yes the not knowing is really draining. If it is OC just want to get on with it. I'm not the most patient of people. Good to come on here for the support, you are all so strong! X

  • Hi Vanessa- You have come to the right place to vent or get information that may or may not be relevant to your condition. There is a lot of collective information, experiences, support. One of us has been through just about everything! Please keep us posted on your progress weaving your way through this terrifying road. My mom died of breast cancer at 62. She did not have OC. I had OC diagnosis last year at 58. I am not BRAC positive. we are all so different and can react to the same drug, disease, etc so differently.

    Focus on your children for now while waiting for your results. This is the hardest not knowing what you are facing. We are all here for you!

    Stay Strong! Xx Carol

  • One step at a time.

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