Out of surgery!! Results are back

Hey everyone!! Hope you are all well! I'm writing on behalf of my mum who had a keyhole surgery to remove her ovaries today. We got to the hospital at 7am as mum has diabetes she was priority, when we got there we didn't wait too long till she got seen and taken in. It was a little distressing for me as I was hoping I'd get to go in with her till she goes into theatre which I'd only allowed if you are a legal carer :-( thankfully mum was messaging me the whole time till she was taken in. I received her last message at 8:30 which was a little sad was hoping to give her the good luck don't worry kiss anywho I had too wait till 11:30 till I could get any info on how the surgery went, time goes real slow when waiting 😂 after a while mum called me with a croaky voice still high off drugs saying she's ok. It's like a big weight lifted off my shoulders, I waited for her outside while she was in recovery...to my surprise the consultant came looking for me with a big smile on her face she explained that the operation was successful and the results came back which thankfully was a benign cyst that was dense explains why it was worrying. I cannot express the stress and emotions we went through for the last two months, it was like someone was holding me on the edge of a high building ready to push, me and my mum are real close she's my best friend, my mum raised me all on her own she's my superhero, I'm so thankful to the consultant and all staff that looked after her. We got home not long ago she's still a little groggy and her sugar levels are playing up a little bit the doctors said it's expected. To all the ladies who are going through the same thing please try not to panic! To all the warriors keep fighting!! To all the ladies that replied to my mums first post Thank you soooo much you have no idea how much it means. Sending love to all. Stay strong with or without our productive organs we are all superheroes Xxxxxxxx

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  • Fantastic. Really pleased your Mum's op went well & her results came back so quickly and benign too! Now she can concentrate on recovering & looking forwards :) Jemima xx

  • What a great post!

    Fantastic news for your mum and for you!

    Onwards and Upwards!!!


  • That's is fantastic news, what a relief. I wish her a speedy recovery now. xx

  • Great news 🎉 My sugar levels were all over the place after op but came back to normal within a couple of weeks 🤗

  • Fantastic news for you both! All the best!

  • So pleased her results were clear, now you can both move forward to continuing to enjoy your lives ❤xx Jane

  • What a moving post. Wish you both well in the future.

  • What a great good news post ! I'm so happy that you and your mum can now resign from our exclusive club. The two of you must have been over the moon to hear that magic word " benign " . I wish your mum a long and healthy life. Take care


  • Great news, so pleased for you both. Big hugs to you and your mum xx

  • Brilliant news, the sugar levels and blood pressure do take a day or more to sort themselves out but that will happen too, you must be both elated all the best

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