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Hi everyone,I'm starting a trial in the royal marsden next week.wondering if anyone has started this trial ( ariel 3) and have any encouraging information .Particpants have to either have Braca mutation or high serous grade o/ c which I have.hoping this drug will give me long break from chemo as I'm on my 3 rd line now since diagnosed three years ago. Hoping this drug won't be too disruptive,as chemotherapy.any advice or tips would be I'm not sure what to expect. Terrie xx ( hoping il get the drug and not the sugar tablet,2 in 3 chance I will get the drug)

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I can't answer your question, but my oncologist was discussing something similar with me earlier in the week.

If this goes ahead, it will be my 3rd line too.

I'm high grade serous, not BRCA, but am considered BRCA like as I also had Triple Negative breast cancer.

What about you?

Wishing you well with it xxxx


thankyou for your reply.i was diagnosed with ovarian cancer three years having a maintenance drug would be amazing.a welcome break from the gruelling chemo. Good luck with your future treatment.keep in touch.x


Hi, i was considered for the ariel trial here in australia, but I have no measurable disease at the moment. So they knocked me back. I am hoping to hear from others,how it is progressing. I hope to it is sucessful for you. I was crushed when they excluded me. Please report back and let us all know how it is going. Thanks.


That's good news that there is no measurable disease. However I think it's good to look into these trial and plan ahead. I have tumours in the diaphram area and the peritonum. One of the criteria was too have a partial or full response to chemo. I am starting the trial next week so I will put a post up about the trial.


Hi Terrie,

Very best of luck with your trial. Whichever treatment you are on, should your condition not improve, they should have told you that it is your choice whether to continue on trial. You don't have to stay on it. But hopefully it will have good results for you.

For some who receive the study drug it may not be effective - just as for some who receive placebo, may improve. It is strange but I have just unblinded 3 participants in paediactric study...all 3 had improved considerably...but only 2 had been receiving treatment....

Just enjoy having the close attention and monitoring that comes with being part of a clinical trial :-)


Good luck with the trial. Ann


Hi, I have been on stage 2 of this trial at the Marsden,so my experience may not be of any relevance. I know that I am on the drug as stage 2 was not a blind study. I have been on it for 10 months. The team have been wonderful and really supportive. Not certain how long I will stay on it, however it has been a positive experience for me and whatever happens in the future I am pleased to have participated in the trial. As SammyH says above, the close attention and monitoring is reassuring in itself. Good luck with it. JacJac x


Hi,that's really 10 months without having chemo. Like sammyh said I have the option of leaving the trial at any time.i do have high expectations.parb inhibitors does seems the way forward. It would be good if there was more funding for theses drugs and we would not have rely on trial studies.


Hi, I did a double blinded trial for a vaccine called Trovax which has had some good results in other cancers. Don't know if I got the drug but I was well through the trial and went 6mths longer I think than I would have before starting chemo.

Out if the trial now and on chemo, as ca125 very high and cancer had progressed. I don't think I would do a blind one again, was never sure if symptoms were the drug or my cancer, and I did not ask about my ca125, so was horrified to find it over 10,000 by the time they decided to put me on chemo. Good luck , Royal Marsden will probably be excellent. Trix


Thankyou you trix,really encouraging.i will keep a close watch on my ca125.hope your chemo going well



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