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Eutroc-Pissaro Trial

Is anyone already on this trial? I'm hoping to be accepted on the trial providing I have this P53 tumour marker. I wondered how anybody is coping with the side effects and having to attend hospital for 4 consecutive days for 6hours each time. You do get the gold standard drug as well as the trial drug. Also I have been on watch and wait since August so I'm now anxious to proceed with treatment but may have to wait up to 3 weeks before the trial will start. The Consultant seems to think this will not affect the outcome

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Hi Carpag,

I asked about this trial a while ago, but no one really knew much about it then! I was interested in doing it because it’s one my oncologist is involved in, but I wasn’t able to participate because when it came to consent time my liver function wasn’t good enough. I live a long way from my hospital, so I had planned on staying nearby and getting a taxi to the hospital each day. It’s quite a big thing to ask of the trial participants, but my thought was if it helps in the long run, it was a small sacrifice to make.

If you decide to go for it, I wish you lots of luck and I hope it works well for you.



Hi Vicky thanks for your reply. Fingers crossed my tumour had the P53 marker. I'm sorry to hear you didn't make the criteria. I hope to go ahead with the trial and hope it turns out together successful



Hi Carpag

I have just completed this trial and yes it is a big commitment as they are really long days. Sometimes it feels like you've just got home and you're back there the next day. I don't live too far from the Christie so that helped. I had the trial drug alongside carbo/caelyx and did find it quite tough but I think it was more the side effects from chemo rather than the trial drug. Overall I have had a thirty-six per cent reduction in the size of the tumours compared to prior the trial so now hoping for a niceong remission. Hope you get what you want and let me know how you get on

Love Sue x


Hi Sue thanks for your reply. How long did you find the side effects lasted after treatment. I understand there are 24 days between treatments. On carbo/Taxol I found you felt groggy for around a week after and then started to recover.Hopefully there were some days in between which would compensate for the lengthy treatment days. Sandra x


Hi Sandra I found the time the side effects kicked in were quite different to carbo/taxol. The trial drug side effects virtually started straight away but were manageable. The carbo/caelyx seemed more of a slow release effect as sometimes I'd get something almost at the end of the previous cycle but I guess it can be different for everyone. Good luck xx


Thanks Sue. It's good to know x x


No, but I'd jump at it, if offered.

I do know I do have P53 in the tumour and this apparently is very common in High Grade Serous. The initial trial under this heading had encouraging results. Yes, 4 days is a stretch and would probably depend on personal circumstances whether doable or not.

Let us know how you get on. x


I certainly will let you know. The treatment is over 4 days when you're not allowed to drive and also for 3 days after but then there are 24 days with no treatment. I will know today regarding P53.


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