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One more thing on mums list to do

Today is the day mum Is going to old Trafford.

Mum used to be a keen travelling supporter and go to every home game. Until, she was diagnosed with OC nearly 2 years ago.

It's safe to say I am so proud of her and even though Her body is no longer being pumped with chemo she's not giving up the fight.

I saw her yesterday (I've been unwell and didn't want to pass on germs) but she looked glowing and radiant. Shows how awful that chemo is. She looks like a different lady :-)

All these little milestones she keeps reaching are amazing. Next milestone, her grandson's birthday next month.

Proud of you mum xxxxx

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Fantastic your mum enjoys sport so much and can look forward to enjoying these treats. Long may that continue. xx


Hope she has a wonderful day xxx


Wishing her a wonderful day and plenty more Jenny x


Lovely post. I admire your mum (even if I'm an Arsenal supporter :) Seriously though its great news that she is going to a match and she is doing so well. Wishing you and your mum all the best xx Trish


Hopes as a llovely memorable day x babs


Hope your mum has a fabulous day and goes from strength to strength xx


I hope your Mum has a lovely time and that she will have plenty more treats.


Hope she enjoyed it, you can't beat Old Trafford, been ages since I went.


Annette xxx


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