Ovarian Cancer Clear Cell stage 1c

Hi ladies (and gents?)

My mum was diagnosed 2 months ago after a Total Hysterectomy with OC Stage 1 Clear Cell. Can anyone please share any experiences of Clear Cell. Her first chemo starts tomorrow and im hoping and praying for a positive outcome. Im 24 and im her next port of call for care, im very worried about the side effects of chemo and how she will cope with it. She was always a very slim lady anyway and since op is about half the size she was, so very worried about an increased loss of appetite.

Thanks for reading.


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  • I have clear cell 1c had no side effects from chemo-was very thin before surgery but my appetite came back as soon as the tumour was removed-discharged November after 5years with no recurrence touch wood so far.Clear cell has a good prognosis in early stage.So best wishes to your mom and be positive.Hope you have a good Xmas.xx

  • Thank you. Im very pleased you are doing well. I hope mum will not have too many horrible side effects. Her operation recovery didn't go as swiftly as her cyst was also attached to her bowl and had also ruptured prior to the operation. Just hoping for a positive outcome. She has left this morning for her first treatment. I am un able to go with her as I am having an ultrasound scan as my Gp thinks I may have a cyst!! So lots of bad news atm xx

  • Hi there. I have clear cell ovca although I have stage 3a and have had 2 recurrence s I am still working full time and keeping busy 5 years on from my diagnosis and tah.

    Clear cell can be harder to treat but there's still good outcomes, especially if it's caught early. Wish your mum good luck and don't believe everything Dr. Google says!


  • Hi sue, you are doing fantastically. Working alongside your treatments is very reassuring for my mum. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a chance to put your feet up! :)

  • Hi Livi, sorry to hear about your Mum, It may be tough for a while on Chemo but on the bright side being diagnosed at stage 1 is really good and means she has a much better chance of doing really well! One of the reasons that OC has bad stats is that most people are diagnosed at stage 3 and it is harder to get good results from treatment! Everyone responds to Chemo so differently it is hard to offer advice untill you know which if any side effects kick in but I am sure that any questions you have as you go along will be answered on here.

  • Thank you for your reply, I understand that there are alot of ladies on here that are being diagnosed stage 3/4. Its a real shame that more women aren't screened for it more as there tends to be no symptoms. Mum was luck with her initial diagnosis as she noticed a large cyst growing on her pelvis and her belly blew up like a baloon. Im hoping for a positive outcome and not too many unbearable side effects. Merry Christmas to you x

  • Hi,

    Sending best wishes to you and your Mum.

    I was also diagnosed with stage 1C more than two years ago. Clear and serous cells. I chose not to have chemo after the first dose, the staff were excellent at my hospital, and my Macmillan nurse came to visit every day after my second operation. I have just been upgraded to six monthly appointments with no evidence of disease. Although a hiccup with my CA125.

    There were any slender ladies at the chemo suite and they were just fine, so try and relax, it was caught early.


  • Hi LA,

    Thank you for your reply. Very happy for you that you are NEC at the moment. How did you find your chemo dose? Im really hoping m will be okay throughout, ive heard lots of scary stories from friends.. illbe kkeeping a very close eye on her. Im not sure what mums recent CA125 is. Ive heard it tends to raise after op. I won't be there with mums first treatment today as im having my own ultrasound done as my gp seems to think my pelvic pains are also due to a cyst of my own! Would really like some good news soon. I hope you have a lovely Christmas x

  • The treatment affects us all differently. I stopped the chemo because it didn't feel like the right thing for me. Expect her to feel super active first couple of days because of the steroids and then tired and sick for a few days. Plenty of water to drink and some snacks and something to read.

    Good luck with your scan.


  • Had 3c clesr cell ruptired during op, had chemotherapy and was generslly fine. I wanted to be left totally alone for 3 to 4 days after but was fine. Constipation can be a problem and tiredness but I finished treatment 2 years ago and I am fine. Hope all goes well for your mum, just tell her to follow her instincts do what her body tells her and stay positive. If she loses her hair wear it with pride Have a love

    y Christmas and New year .

  • My cyst ruptured during surgery x

  • Thank you for all your replies. Mums first treatment went well. This morning she was vomiting, but after taking an anti sickness shes okay at the moment. Just looking a bit puffy and tired due to steriod tablets. Did anyone else react as quickly as this?

  • Hi Livi,

    Havent been on this much but saw your comment and I felt you needed some positive answers. My mum was diagnosed with stage 4 clear cell oc. She was 51 when she was diagnosed and it was such a huge shock to my family! My mum is like super woman raised me and my siblings all on her own so we are very attached to her and this made the fight even more tough for all of us.

    She had a full de-bulking op (9 hours), then a couple of months later was put on chemo, however the doctors told us that the testing they did on her cancer cells werent very effective the doctors still thought it was worth a shot. . My mum then finished the chemo and went on to avastin (another form of chemo) for a year. Shes now in remission and all of her call backs have been good news thank god. My mum had lost a huge amount of weight too but if you try make food exciting, I found it helped mum make an effort with eating. Also you can ask her gp to prescribe drinks that help her put weight on.

    The point im trying to make is that from the day we found out she was stage 4 we were told it was very aggressive and they were sure if anything would really work. But my mum is flying about now and if you stay positive and keep your mum on the positive as much as possible she can do it too.

    I hope your mum is doing well with the treatment and you're your mums back bone so you make sure you keep yourself well too. Hope this helps in some way.

    Ailbhe x

  • This is so good to hear as I've been very worried about having clear cell as it's so aggressive, though fortunately I'm stage 1c3 - cyst ruptured pre-surgery.

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