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CA125 dropped after 1st chemo

My mum is stage 3/4 ovarian cancer, her CA125 was 369 and after her first session of chemo it has now dropped down to 166 which sounds really positive!

She had her 2nd chemo yesterday so hoping things will go well and she is not as sick as last time. Mum is due to have full hysterectomy and a scan from the neck down before the op to see what they are dealing with possibly else where.

I am so pleased after the first round of chemo how much better she is feeling already, she has perked up eating normally, if not more than before she got sick. It is certainly a change from being sick most days, unable to eat solid foods or walk anywhere. :)

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Hi be positive, I am glad your Mum has a good result from first chemo and I am sure the markers will decrease as she goes along. Ye must be pleased indeed with her and it makes a difference to us when we know the treatment is working. You do get sicky days and constipation at least I always did. It does pass and you find the body makes up for the food intake once your Mum is over the worst. Keep us posted and hoping second chemo will go okay


Great news!


Great news. Good luck with the surgery & the rest of the treatment.

Best wishes

Sharon xx


Good news for your mum. I am stage 3 and have just finished my surgery and chemo treatment. Now awaiting scan. My ca125 came down very quickly. Although there are no guarantees with this horrible disease, I was told that it was a positive sign. Good news that your mum is dealing with side effects. It's all a bit of a roller coaster but trying to stay strong and hanging onto any positive outcomes will help. xx


Yes I agree you never really know do you. I keep hearing mixed things about being stage 3-4, mainly that I don't really understand if she will get seen at the end of treatment as no evidence of disease or if they expect for it to still remain in some areas? What part in all of your treatment was the worst would you say? It sounds like the surgery is the worst part as you dont really know what your dealing with until then. My mums has spread to her upper lymph nodes which we sadly suspect could be on other organs. Just have to wait and pray the whole time. Good luck with your scans I will keep everything crossed for you too xxx


Sounds like really good news about the ca125 drop. Also your mum will start to feel stronger now she is eating well. I found I could eat like a horse when on chemo! Good luck to your mum for her op too. I presume the plan is 3 lots of chemo then scan and op then 3 more chemo infusions. Keep your spirits up and plan some nice summer days out to look forward to together.

Lots of love.

M.B xxx


You are right I can see a change already now she is eaten well. She is usually a strict vegetarian and doesn't eat fish, we have managed to talk her round on eating fish to get some more nutrition which she has done. It is quite funny as I think she secretly quite likes the taste of fish as she eats it all everytime and you can see she enjoys the big prawns!

We keep talking about doing a holiday together next year too. I am 24 and had stopped doing family holidays so much but defintly going to start making sure we do them yearly or twice a year whilst we can. :) I am going to book her a spa day if she feels better later in the summer.

Mum is having 3 chemo, then opp, 3 more chemo and then avastin for 18 weeks. Fingers crossed her op isnt going to be a scary stage 4. :(

I hope you are well and thank you for replying. :) xxxxxx


You're welcome. Your mum is very lucky to have such a supportive daughter. My own 4 children (2 boys, 2 girls) have been wonderful. 😃 Just to say though IF it does turn out to be stage 4 try not to be too despondent. This disease is SO individual and there are some stage 4 ladies on here who have done really well, just as some stage 1 or 2 who unexpectedly recurred early on.

I was stage 3 at diagnosis and am currently doing really well (back to ballet and running) on avastin maintenance after finishing chemo for first recurrence in March.

Take care. Keep us updated.

Love M.B x


Your mum is very lucky to have you. I have my daughter and she is such a blessing. Hope your mum continues to improve and that the chemo works well for her. You mention Avastin so can I ask which health board your mum is with?


My mum is on the NHS and is being treated at Guildford Hospital in Surrey. Is that what you meant? :)


Yes it was indeed. Thankyou so much for that. Are you doing okay. It is very hard on you too I am sure. Remember if you need to chat all of us ar here for you.

Take care of each other.



There is so much for you and your mum to take on board. Rest assured that she will be monitored after her treatment. Every 3 months is the norm. Remission is an unknown, varies from woman to woman. Just log onto this site and you will find huge differences.

The worst part for me? In many ways I didn't have too many awful side effects from the chemo. You learn what works for you and gets you through each round. My surgery was very successful, surgeon said there couldn't have been a better outcome.No visible sign of cancer left. That isn't to say little cells are lurking somewhere. That's why you have more chemo afterwards. The worst,was not the surgery,pain relief brilliant, It was the final chemo sessions that I found the worst. I think I wasn't as strong post surgery so chemo worse,no different side effects, just symptoms more pronounced. Hope this helps. Sounds as though you are being a tower of strength to your mum. Lucky mum!

Any questions? There are always ladies on this site who can help you. x


I get the impression after surgery it is quite tough as I think they said 2 weeks after surgery she will go back to chemo, your body probably doesn't have time to recover before it has to deal with chemo again. I keep making sure she is eating lots and building herself up for the op as everytime she is in hospital she doesn't eat and she is at the moment 7st 13 when she was 9.7 before she got sick. Mum has always been small so she doesn't really have much room for weight loss which is tough for her. Thank you for your reply, that helps me be more prepared for after the op. I like to think I am being my mums strength, we are such a close little family, just me my mum and my sister and us 3 are like sisters so it is nice for mum I think to know we are here for her. :) xxxxxxxxx


Hi there Be-positive

Two things...

Your Mum shouldn't really be suffering sickness with her chemo as there are lots of different anti-emetics out there, chances are there's one which will work for her. Ask to try 'Emend', it worked for me. I can vomit for Britain but I was never sick on chemo.

I found my taste buds changed horribly whilst on chemo, even water tasted of metal (due to the platinum in Carboplatin no doubt). I found grapefruit juice and Tesco cloudy low sugar lemon juice just lovely during the day and an ice-cold lager (Stella!) in the evening went down a treat - again no sweet taste. Oat crackers, strong cheese and Pitta chips (like a bag of crisps but made from Pitta bread - M & S do a lovely one) were yummy especially in the first few days of a cycle. Chocolate turned on me - who woulda thought it! so...... the moral is trial and error!

I did 6 rounds of chemo in 2010 and have just finished another 6 rounds after it returned. In between we've had 4 years of fun and travelling so here's to the next 4. I was advised to treat it like a chronic condition which is what I'm doing!

Lots of hugs x Jan


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