Swollen stomach

Hi it's Annie I have a scan on Tuesday see my guy 24th , you know my blood has been up last two visits , thing is my smomach is so swollen and bloated I don't know how simple it is to arrange a drain do you think I should wait untill the 24th . Iv been Clemo free since febuary kept very well , surgery not an option stage 3 got to do with a technically or location , thank you guys


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7 Replies

  • Hi Annie, I agree with Sally. Contact your cancer nurse or GP. I know how uncomfortable this is.

    Mary xx

  • I will phone on Monday never know might drain me tues after scan , he knows I'm not a complainer , iv asked my friend for water tablets she said they are good , our local hospital is at a standstill it's so busy , anyway my wee grandson us two today , I'm not in pain but feel and look nine months thank you xx

  • Hi Annie. Telephone the CNS for a chat. Una went up a few times to be drained and then they eventually put a permanent drain in for her to save her having to go to hospital so often. Thinking of you. Ann Xo #Warriors

  • Hi Annie I agree re phoning for advice. I had ascites a couple times and it can build up quickly making you uncomfortable . I found the drain ok not too sore just a wee tiny bit uncomfortable coming out only.

    Hope it all goes ok


    Ally xx

  • Hope you are feeling more comfortable today, defo time to ring the doc, there is no value in suffering.

    LA xx

  • That sounds a long time to wait please phone the doctor's secretary or the gynae or oncoclogy nursing tem. I presume you have a number to call ? If not please get in touch with someone, through your GP of necessary as long as they will see you immediately and take it seriously.

  • Hope you are being seen today xx

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