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Swollen Tummy

Hi, I had my operation last Monday TAH and SOB. I came out of hospital on Friday and since the op my tummy has swollen up twice the size. In fact I look 6 months pregnant. I was a size 10 prior to the op now I am size 12-14. I did buy some larger joggers prior to the operation which I am glad about as I cant fit into anything else. My question is has this happened to anyone else and if so is it normal and how long does it last. I have been reading about it on the web but cant find the answer. I have not been overeating although I'm off work. I have always been very strict with myself regarding what I eat and always kept my weight at 8st 4lb to 8st 6lb. I now weigh 8st 12lb which is a jump of 6lb in a week. Also for 3 days after the operation I did not eat as I was being sick. I know its hard to exercise at the moment so if anyone has the answer would love to hear from you.

Love Babs x x

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Don't worry about exercising yet, for goodness sake, Babs. If I were you I would get in touch with the specialist nurse at your hospital, first thing tomorrow morning. If they didn't tell you to expect this, it probably needs checking out. I am sure the CNS will be able to tell you if it's OK or needs some more treatment. I don't know if anyone else has experienced this but you will need to put your mind at rest. Are you in any pain with it? Or is it just uncomfortable? I say 'just' ......I know it's not 'just'. If you are experiencing any pain or sickness or temperature, I would get it checked out as soon as you can.

All the best with it all Babs. Poor you, you've done so well! Stay with it, they'll be able to sort it out at the hospital I am sure

Love Wendy xx


Hi Babs,

I just think this is normal, your body has been through a lot and will still be swollen inside rest a lot and don't do much.. as I have a stick out hernia be kind to yourself and be patient with your weight... it is very early days x G x :-)


Hi Babs, after my op last year my tummy swelled up due to a mild infection, which was cured by a course of antibiotics. This happened while I was still in hospital, but I was in for about a week after the op. my tummy was also quite red, you don't say whether this is the case for you. I would be inclined to try to see your GP tomorrow, if you have got an infection the sooner it's sorted the better, if not your GP can put your mind at rest. The other thing it could be is wind, as you do get an awful lot after surgery, especially if you couldn't eat properly ( who can on hospital food).

Hope this is some help,

Love chris


Dear Babs

I think it would be a good idea to phone the Ovarian Nurse at your hospital as she will be aware of all the likely reasons for this swelling. If you need to go and see someone you will need to have a lift there as you should only be walking very short distances.

Are you sure you're resting enough? You're always a very busy and active person and I can't quite imagine you lying around too long. Gwyn is quite right - you have hundreds and hundreds of stitches inside which could tear if you do too much too soon.

I don't have any better advice for you I'm afraid. I just hope you're comfortable so you can sleep and then get some advice tomorrow. Let us know how you get on. xx Annie


Hi Babs

I did have a swollen tummy and it was very bruised, took a little while to return to normal. As the other ladies say, if you are at all worried ring the hospital (which you can do 24hrs) or see your GP tomorrow. I'm sure there is a simple answer but best get it checked out if you are at all concerned.

Take care.

Love Linda xx


Dear Babs,

Swelling is to be expected after a large op, but you must get this checked as the sooner it is treated the better. The problem is likely to be related to the op rather than the cancer, so get your doctor out. You really must rest as internal repair is essential at this stage.

Hoping you are very well again soon.



hear hear xxx


Hi Babs

I'd definitely ring the hospital. Even if they say it is quite normal, it would set your mind at rest.

I put on weight afterwards which I was very surprised at as I was eating very little, but I suppose I was just resting most of the time.

Expect that you have decided what to do by now.


Anne xx


Dear Babs

I think it's normal as I was swollen after my op and another lady I spoke to on the ward. Not just my abdomen, but all the way down to my knees, including intimate areas. I'm sure the swelling would have gone down past my knees if it hadn't been for those elasticated socks! I was really alarmed, wondering when/if it would go down, but it mostly went down after a week or two, and now, after four weeks, it has completely resolved.



Hello Babs

Just to echo what others have said. Keep off the exercise, other than the shortest, gentlest of walks which may make you feel more comfortable.

Do seek medical attention. I found it quite confusing - and still do - trying to work out who to ask about what. I found the hospital hotline useless, probably because my symptoms weren't 'hot' enough for them. The gps have been excellent, and on the 3 occasions I phoned they saw me on the same day. No long journeys and they can see what you're feeling like.

Better to keep perstering than to sit at home worrying. It's what they're paid for.

Love Christine


Hi Ladies thank you so much for all the advise. I rang the cancer nurse at Maidstone re my swollen tummy. She said it was quite normal for the swelling. She said it was my bowels settling down after the op. She also said as long as the scar was not red and weeping and I did not feel sick things would be fine. I have had problems with my bowels like many women since starting chemo, I am still using the Movical twice a day so I am hoping it will settle down soon. Once again thank you for all your care and advice ,

Love to you all Babs x x


Good to hear you have got some reassurance, Babs. Just remember to take it easy and listen to all the advice. I am glad the swelling isn't anything to worry about. I can still remember the bowel problems after my op. I think it was the worst problem of all the op and recovery :-( Hope things get moving soon, if you'll forgive the pun :-0

Love and a big hug

Wendy xx


I swoll terribly too and they told me it was the bowel settling down as it doesnt like being handled during surgery and it takes it a while settlling down It actually took it a good 2mths. to settle.x


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