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Stomach pain!

Hi Everyone,

I have posted a question before about my complex cyst, which is located in my right ovary. I am currently awaiting an ultrasound scan to check for any changes before surgery to remove the cyst. I have had the odd twinge in my right side but 2 weeks ago i started to get a constant cramping/aching pain in my lower abdomen but in the last 2 days I have also experienced very sharp stabbing pains in both sides which come and go, and also back ache. I have been taking paracetamol to take the edge of the pain. I have been trying to get hold of my gynae consultant but she hasn't been at the hospital for the past couple of days and her secretary is off on holiday. I was given a number for another consultant's secretary who could pass on a message for me, which have I called almost 10 times since yesterday with no answer. I have left messages but I have heard nothing back. My family have told me that I need to go to A&E to get checked out but I don't want to waste the doctors time when they/I already know that I have this cyst. I feel a bit silly going to A&E to be told to carry on taking painkillers. I really don't know whether to go or not. Any advice would be brilliant.

Thank you in advance :)

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Hi Lauraloo,

There is certainly no harm in getting it checked outbut I can understand your reluctance to go after I had my operation before starting chemo.. I had a huge tummy (which was ascites) my family insisted on me ringing the emergency doctor (it was weekend) and when I went in to see him there wasn't anything he could do though...I had no idea at that time about ascites and I felt I was wasting his time.. but he put my mind at rest..and this is what you need and of course the pain to go away...if it's any consolation when I was diagnosed with OC I didn't have any pain at all ...sending you love and best wishes x G x


Hi Lauraloo

It sounds as if you are getting really worried about the situation. However, I would leave going to A&E until a quieter time there, definitely avoid Friday or Saturday night. Maybe Saturday morning would be a good time. It may also speed up the ultrasound appointment., if you tell them how anxious it is making you and how much pain you are in.

It's horrible, the waiting part of any diagnosis, so I think you will feel better when you have a plan of action.

All the best with this.

Love Wendy xx


Dear Lauraloo

I'm of the same opinion as Wendy and Gwyn. A & E doesn't really cater for oncology and you may be hanging round for hours waiting for some poor F1 doctor (newly qualified) doing their stint on A&E. They just don't have the specialist knowledge you need.

I'd ring Ruth at Ovacome on Monday, make an appointment with your GP - or call in to your oncology unit in person on Monday and demand to see someone. Pain, if you don't understand why it's occurring, is terrifying. Your hospital is letting you down passing you from pillar to post. I know secretaries should have days off, and oncologists might be working elsewhere or on leave - but there should be some back-up for you.

I just hope it's something that will pass very quickly. xxxx lots of love Annie


Dear Lauraloo!

Pain is not something you should tolerate. Ring you GP, they may be able to get more attention from the hospital! Ruth at Ovacome may be able to help too but, when I thought I was being brushed aside I saw my GP and, surprise surprise the hospital got back to me the very next day! If it is bad over the week end go to A& E! Do not ignore your body! They can give you stronger pain relief and order emergency scans.

Sending you positive vibes!




I was in a similar agony with my cyst, my oncologist told me that it was the cyst twisting which causes the pain but then it rights itself and the pain settles. I put up with the pain for ages before something was done. Do you have an emergency gynae unit? You can go to any hospital which has one for help.


Hi Lauraloo,

I know it is the weekend but if it gets really bad go to A&E- one of my doctors' advised me to do this and certainly- despite the wait- I was referred on more quickly. The pain isdefinitely trying to tell you something.

Best of luck

Anne x


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