Swollen stomach update

Well got my scan today felt sorry for myself while waiting , went up to give blood met one of the nurses who knew me , she said phone the clinical nurse , I did ,"can't help you Annie you have to though your doctor " , later today my oncologist phoned me , I here your stomach is bothering you , you see because you are off treatment (Clemo) I can not deal with it , I tell him I'm seeing him on Monday he will try and view the scan before and help , so I'll let u all know the outcome xxx

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  • Dear Annie,

    Read your post and felt like I wanted to give you a big hug as they don't seem to be helping you. Why don't you phone Ovacome in the morning to talk to the nurse to see what she says. Sending you a virtual hug, you are not alone we are here for you. Let us know how you get on xxxx

  • Best if luck with Onc on Monday Annie I hope he can sort it out for you xxx Trish

  • Annie, I hope you are now feeling better. Sending you a cyber hug. Please keep in touch x x x

  • I would ring his secretary on Monday morning before appt to remind him to look at the scan. On Monday last when checking in for clinic, I told them at reception that I was waiting on result of scan and it was chased up before I saw the oncologist. As he is seeing you on Monday, he has a duty of care to look for that scan it has to be on the computer system in the hospital

  • Really can't understand why they couldn't help, you are obviously still under Onc for check-ups. I'm always told to contact them inbetween appts if necessary. Only went to GP this time because I thought it was gallstones. I can also ring specialist nurses anytime. Hope all well with scan. Refuse to leave hospital until they give you results, that's what I did and it worked!

    Best wishes

    Annette xxx

  • Once when I saw my onc after having a scan, she didn't have the result, so she went off to CT to chase it up, If they know you've had a scan, they should make sure they get the result.


  • I asked will I phone before I come up on Monday , no need he probably won't have the print but will be able yo see it on the screen , my ong is very very good , because I'm off treatment since febuary he can not physically order me a drain , amazing eh , if I'm back on or he sees I need him he is able , this is what's wrong with nhs they each only do their jobs and are restricted when it comes to a helping hand , xx

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