My swollen stomach

Hi Annie here me and my belly are still here , I phoned my guy his secretary who's very nice checked said they dont do the draining at the BEatson ,go to my doctor you get it done local , I hAve a fab doctor known me 34 years in all that time he'd never been approached for stomach drain , phoned the beatson back , my appointment has been brought forward for next Monday if I in pain go to the accident and emergency , it's not sore just uncomfortable , I know my doctor was not passing the buck it's just he didn't know where to start for a quick result ,, xxx

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  • Hiya Annie,

    I`m glad you have spoken to someone. Please keep us up to date?

    Sally x x x

  • When you rang the hospital did you only speak to the consultant's secretary? If you have Ascites you I think do need to get it drained in hospital. I would get yourself to A&E its better a trip to hospital to the safe. My GP took a week to refer me so I was in a bad way by the time I got to there and the fluid had reached my lungs. Don't mean to alarm you but it does sound like you have been fobbed off. Also my specialist nurse told me to call her if I needed a drain and she would arrange this for me on the Gynea ward which she did (but if its out of hours/getting worse go to A&E, not sure if you were referred back to your GP as a drain takes up to 24 hours.

  • I'm not to bad does not feel like it's getting worse , I don't have a nurse ,I'll go for the arranged scan tomorrow see my guy on Monday he should do something , must have contacts I will keep u all up go date incase u need it yourself xx

  • The secretary checked with the consultant hopefully I'm o k till Monday , I will try and speak to a nurse when up for the scan today , might as well do a 125 while I'm in the building xx

  • Annie, If you are not getting anywhere with the drain you could trying ringing the Ovacome team as in my case I know they should have drained me a week before they did as they might have prevented the fluid getting in my lung. Not saying that is happening to you but better to get 2nd opinion if they don't do anything Today as they were slow to react in my case. Good luckx

  • I'm surprised the sec told you that. Draining is only done in the clinic in Belfast. I would imagine most GPs wouldn't have a clue where to start, no disrespect intended but its not something they are doing frequently! Good luck Annie. Ann xo #warriors

  • I am surprised that the Beatson does not treat Ascites as it is meant to be a cancer specialist hospital.Are you sure the secretary did not just fob you off as they are quite good at doing so.

  • No she spoke yo my guy and he confirmed he even phoned me , as cancer is not active it is impossible for him to arrange a drain , I was surprised myself , when he sees my scan done on Tuesday on the screen , app Monday once I'm under his care becaus prob I'll need Clemo (I think) he can arrange , things you learn , yes the beatson is world renown xx

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