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How worried should I be

Hi. I'm new to this site and was wondering if anybody can help me understand how much risk I am at from ovarian cancer. I'm 48 years old, with three children and I only have a great grandmother, who died of breast cancer in the family (that I know about). I initially went to the doctors about bloating, terrible flatulence and urine problems and just a general unease that something wasn't right. The doctor did a urine test and it had microscopic blood in it. I was given antibiotics and sent for a blood test. The next week,I was called back to the surgery with the news that my blood result showed a CA125 level of 87 and that my urine still had blood in it, even after a week on antibiotics. I was sent for pelvic ultrasound scans and a gynaecological examination and there was possibly a small fibroid and possibly some small cysts around my cervix, but it wasn't clear. I'm now booked in for a laparoscopy on 17th October. Has anybody else had a similar experience and what was the outcome? I'm so worried, I wish I'd never gone to the doctors as I feel well in myself, but everything seems to have escalated. How long after the laparoscopy does it take for the results of the tissue biopsy? Thanking you all for reading. I feel better getting it off my chest as it seems unfair to worry family and friends when it may turn out to be nothing.

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My doctors assured me at length that there are many, many conditions which can cause a raised CA125. They calculate a risk of malignancy index based on CA125, pelvic mass features and menopausal status. By the sounds of it yours is well underneath the threshold which is truly the right place to be in! I am so glad to hear that you are having a laparoscopy so that they can confirm what is going on. I feel for you as the diagnostic time is so fraught with possibilities but there is really every likelihood that this will turn out to be ok. Very best of luck and good wishes coming your way.



You've done the right thing......get it checked out. It is a worrying time but sure all will be well :)

Love Wendy xx


Hi nicjan, you have done the right thing getting checked out. I am 41 with 3 kids and found out I have brca1 gene 5 yrs ago through my mum being tested And having breast cancer many years ago and then precancerous cells again a few years ago. I have just had DVT in my calf which they put down to contraception injection, so I cannot take any birth control ever! This has pushed me into seeing someone after putting it off, so I know how nervous you will be. On 19th December I am to see when I can have my ovaries and fallopium tubes removed. I have read that you usually have a follow up 2weeks later to inform you what they have found if anything in towards. Try not to worry if its a biopsy then it maybe a week or two to get your results, you are definitely doing the right thing! I do know that the ca125 test isn't always accurate, I was in a programme at St.Marys genetics where they giving internal scanning to see if that was more accurate but that stopped around 2 years ago and I don't know what the outcome was, but if I still wanted them I'd have to pay. Can't really afford 500 pounds a go. Keep your chin up!


Thank you all so much. I feel a lot less worried now. :)


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