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Should I be worrying?

Hi, I went to the GP a few months ago as I had had a post menopausal bleed (it had been about 4 years since my last period). I was referred to the hospital where I had a biopsy taken and then an ultrasound scan and they discovered a complex cyst about the size of a small orange on one of my ovaries, together with fibroids in my uterus. My hospital doc has raised the prospect of a hysterectomy and yesterday, after 4 weeks of waiting, I had a CT scan. When my hospital doctor heard that I was worrying he phoned to reassure me that he was not expecting anything nasty, and then again when I spoke to his secretary to ask whether I should book a holiday for mid October I got the message back to go ahead. Also my CA125 was apparently normal. My case is being discussed at a Multi-disciplinary meeting tomorrow. Should I be worried?

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Of course, you WILL worry, until you hear the news, but on the whole, I would expect it not to be ov. ca., and it sounds as if the hospital do too.

Very best wishes,



Hi, I too agree you will worry until you hear what is happening, but I had a hysterectomy 24 years ago for fibroids, it was standard procedure in those days. I would agree if your CA125 is normal I wouldn't expect it to be o.c.but on the other hand I guess they will want to remove the cyst anyway to do a biopsy. They do biopsies on anything they remove nowadays, just to be on the safe side.

If they tell you that you can book a holiday, I am pretty certain there is nothing to worry about.

Do please post back in and let us know how things go for you.

Anna x


Hi there

I have just gone through the same as you. Bad pains in side went to GP in July after various tests and scans diagnosed with complex mass on ovary and fibroids in womb. Mass the size of a rugby ball fibroids like grapefruits. I went into hospital in August a specilist hospital not my local one as my CA level was high.

I am now 4 weeks post op...full AH everything removed!!! Thankfully all was tested and clear.

I can understand why you are worried. I was a jibbering wreck from diagnosis until results came back. I can now concentrate on getting well again.

I know it is hard but although you may and have every right to worry you need to take one step at a time. Go on holiday and enjoy it because after your op you need time to recover...I honestly thought i would be more mobile than I is a big op!

I found the support i got from members on here invaluable. If you go onto my original post you will see the support i got.

Take care and best of luck...keep us updated

Love Debbie x


Thanks everyone - it is really nice getting little messages of support. Apart from my Husband no-one else knows about my cyst yet so I do feel a bit lonely about it. No news from the docs today so I suppose that is probably a good sign. If they had their meeting yesterday and thought there was something dubious I might have had a phone call by now. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. The tickets for our holiday arrived today so that's nice.


Hi, I thought I would update you with my news today. I had a phone call from my gynaecologist with the good news that the CT scan and the multidisciplinary meeting has concluded that my cyst is a dermoid one - and I am now being given the choice of what I want to do. Huge relief all round. Just need now to decide if I want it whipped out or whether just to leave it be.

Thanks for your support.


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