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Should I change jobs?

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Hello everyone

I would really appreciate some advice regarding my job situation. I was diagnosed HGSOC stage 4a in September 2021 and had 6 rounds of chemo and full debulking in Feb 2022. I have been taking Niraparib since June 2022 and went back to work 4 days a week working from home in August 2022. I really enjoyed my job and that’s why I went back to work. However while I was off sick there was a change in leadership and since I have gone back to work I have not been that happy with a new boss who thinks it’s OK to shout at me and my colleagues.

I have seen another job advertised but am not sure to even apply for it with my diagnosis and possibility of a recurrence. I am stable at the moment but know that a recurrence could happen at any time. I know I am classed as disabled and protected by the disability discrimination act but would it be right to change jobs? I am also worried I might be stressed just by changing jobs and having to learn new systems and processes.

Anyone else on here change their job after diagnosis? Any thoughts and advice are appreciated. Thanks everyone.

21 Replies
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Hi I actually changed my job from a store manager on my feet to part time gp receptionist. I had almost 2 yrs off ( recovery and furlough) and did 6 months on my new job and got rediagnosed. My new employers are understanding but I'm the same thinking they know my story a d accepted it from day 1 but now will I be employable again if I try to change jobs after 2 diagnosis in 3 yrs as I'm possible risk of going on sick again sometime in the future. It's a hard one.

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Purplepansies54 in reply to Kadabra122

Thanks Kadabra. It’s not easy is it. I can’t predict the future but getting a new job and being off sick again wouldn’t be ideal. I know if I had MS or some other long term condition it would be the same . It’s a hard decision to make. Thanks for your comments.

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hi I worked from home from the start of the lockdown and last year they wanted me back in. I had got used to being at home and with my dogs….and husband!!! so didn’t much fancy it. I changed my job to one where I only went in 1 day a week (not even any negotiation in previous role!)

They knew of my ‘issues’ and it wasn’t even considered a problem, but I found that I didn’t really have the passion to learn something new, and it was a lot less busy so I had more time to think!! (Not good for me)

In the end I negotiated a return to my old job but working from home full time and I love it ( shame they put us all through the agro 🙄)

Not sure I’ve helped but that’s my experience, good luck in whatever you decide x

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Purplepansies54 in reply to Doglover1410

Hi Doglover, thanks for your reply. Yes that’s the problem, a new job might seem better on paper but not be that great in reality and you don’t know until you move jobs, which in itself is quite stressful. Glad you got your old job back and we’re able to negotiate working from home!

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Hi Purplepansies54

I was made redundant 8 months after my operation. I’d not had a great relationship with my manager and he took the opportunity of a restructure whilst I was on sick leave. I was the only person made redundant and have since been replaced by someone less experienced. I temped for a while then started a new job. I liked the stress free nature of temping. You never know when you may get a recurrence but life is too short to be stuck in a job you’re not happy with when dealing with OC. You need to look after your mental health as well as physical health. Stress at work or negative working relationships will not help you deal with your diagnosis. You have to do what is best for you, but employers need good people and are very willing to be flexible about working hours any time off for ill health.

Good luck with whatever you decide.

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Thank you Fluffyjumper that’s good advice. I have been quite stressed in my current role and walk on eggshells with my new boss. I think there is no harm in applying for other jobs and just seeing what happens. I think my confidence is also quite low as well and that is stopping me from moving.

Sorry to hear about your redundancy though that must have been tough. Glad you are settled now in a new job. Thank you for you reply.

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Hi. An alternative view is that living as if you’re fine and not going to have a recurrence can be good for your mental health. Others could start a new job and then get sick or injured. They just don’t know and we’re all waiting for it to happen. I had just retired when I got diagnosed but I couldn’t have worked through frontline. However I think I could have worked through carbo caelyx with a few days off each cycle. I wish you luck with your decision! Xx

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Purplepansies54 in reply to delia2

Thanks Delia2. Yes true anyone could be off sick and you are right, I need to be a bit more positive!!

Thanks for your reply.

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There are many steps between deciding you want to try something different and actually doing it. Brush up your CV, take a look at what jobs are out there, apply for a few. Even if you are offered a new job, you don't have to accept it, but you'll know you tried. That said, I would not want to stay in a job where anyone thought it was OK to shout at me. Wishing you the best!

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Purplepansies54 in reply to SopSinger

Thankyou Sopsinger. I have updated my CV and just need to apply like you said I don’t have to take a job even if I am offered it but I don’t want my current boss to know I am looking either so trying to keep things under the radar.

do what makes you happy and less stressed I work 3 mornings a week I am a teacher and teach creative subjects I do feel that someone else in the department would love my job but its my job and I will stick at it at the moment like yourself my cancer is stable at the moment so it suits me but I do understand what you mean your boss really should be more understanding of your situation

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Purplepansies54 in reply to

Thanks Scarlet.

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I WAS working an at home job as a freelance graphic designer when I was diagnosed. It was perfect for me and after 9 years of producing a senior newspaper, the publisher decided that my diagnoses was a problem for him. Even tho I had successfully produced 4 months of newspapers before I even told him.

He hired another designer and fired him after 2 months and tried to get me back. Nope. I just built up my client base so I wouldn’t be dependent on the income from the newspaper. He shut down the paper after hiring and firing several designers and now sells insurance. Karma. Lol

By the way, you don’t have to divulge any medical issues when applying for a job.

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Leniko in reply to Mommoo65

I love when Karma works!

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Purplepansies54 in reply to Mommoo65

Thanks Mommoo65. Glad it all worked out for you in the end. Yes it’s not really the disclosure part more me worrying about not being able to do the job or letting people down. Thanks again for your reply

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only you can answer this. Can you, as a group, address the yelling?

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Purplepansies54 in reply to Leniko

No not really. They are the most senior person in a very small team with little accountability to the wider organisation. I try to stay under the radar and just get on with my job. I know that things are very stressful with possible redundancies so hoping it all calms down at some point. However I think I will start applying for other jobs anyway. See what happens. Thanks for your comments Leniniko.

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Hi Purplepansies54, I've not had time to read all the replies and your responses but wonder if the Ovacome leaflet maybe useful?:-

In haste as family arriving - great! xx

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Purplepansies54 in reply to lesleysage

Thank you lesleysage. I will have a read.

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Like Leniko, I too, think the shouty person needs tackling - but not necessarily by you at this stage! Are you in a trade union which could take up the issue for you? Or, when you do get a wonderful new job, you might be able to put in a nicely scathing exit letter to the shouty person's manager, explaining why they've just lost a valuable employee.

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Purplepansies54 in reply to Allotmenthappy

yes I am in a trade union and I might need to ask for their support if it continues. However I think some of my colleagues might be taking it on which is better as I don’t need the stress. Yes a good exit letter would be good!!

Thanks Allotmenthappy!!

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