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How worried should I be?

At the beginning of January I had a positive pregnancy test, quite a surprise as hubby had vasectomy 20 years ago and no problems til now. I started bleeding 2 days later and when I eventually had app at EPU there test was negative so they refused to scan me. I am and on reflection have been suffering many OC symptoms since about last October. My Gp is treating me for IBS and has referred me for an US but there is a 8 week wait for this. I have a history of BC in my family. I gave been to GP on a regular basis since MC but they do not seem to be taking my concerns seriously. But I think it is disgusting that they are not urgently investigating my abdominal pain more urgently especially if I was pregnant. I have always been a size 8 my clothes no longer fit, I have IBS symptoms and I have difficulty eating. I have not been given an internal examination or scan since this started. I think my GP is convinced it is stress and anxiety.

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I think you need to go back to the GP asap, tell him of your family history of cancer and ask him to help you rule out ovarian cancer. You could honestly say you've spoken to a woman whose ovarian cancer had very similar symptoms to the ones you have (me).

Hopefully he will order a CA125 test and consider referring you to a gynaecologist.

Having said that, your symptoms could be due to many other problems, so try to worry too much. I hope that soon you will know for sure.


Thanks, I have an appointment for this morning so hopefully will get some positive answers. My emotions are all over the place so think I am going to write myself some notes before I go so I get my point across. I tend to get too nervous and forget things when I am actually there. Xxx


Still no luck just gave me different IBS medication and laxatives and said we would have to wait for the scan. I am so tired of explaining the same thing over and over again. When I told him about my family history all he did was suggest he refers me to the genetic testing section and that he didn't think a ca125 was appropriate . I just don't know how much more I can take. If pain is same tonight am considering going to A&e in the morning perhaps they will listen or at least give me something to knock me out for the next six weeks.


Hi there I am one the support line nurses at Ovacome and if you would like to give me a ring to discuss the best way of going forward with this I will be happy to talk things through 08453710554. It is difficult to understand why they won't do a Ca125 blood test as if it is raised you should then be refrerred to have an urgent ultrasound. If you can't persuade your doctor going to the A/e Department might be the way forward. Do a family history tree as well to outline who was diagnosed with what at what age

Best Wishes



Hi Ruth, thanks for the reply. Thinking practically I am going to complete the beat online sympton tracker for at least the next week and take with me if symptoms are no better next Friday and request the CA125 again if the symptoms are still there. I think they are concerned it would show a false positive due to the miscarriage situation but I know my body and something is not right at the moment. I am also due my smear do will raise concerns with the practice nurse as well. The help and support is very much appreciated. Xxx


Hi there,

Do keep pushing for a urgent scan !

The hospital did a CA125 for me but it did not show any raised levels ..and after my op in Dec 2011 when I got my results in Jan 2012 I have stage IC Ovarian cancer and a very rare one too cannot go one what the CA125 says ....

The scan and ultra sound told them I had a large complex Ovarian mass ..

Keep pushing ..

Janet .


Went back to GP today armed with my beat tracker. Was not my usual GP didn't need the tracker she did a pelvic exam, ordered ca125 to be done today and booked an appointment with her 2 days after my US. Also took my mobile number for contact. She listened ladies she really did whatever the outcome I will be forever grateful for her actions this morning xxx


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