- A Tribute To Fernanda-

- A Tribute To Fernanda-

It is with regret and much sadness that I write to inform you of the loss of our dear and lovely friend Fernanda, those of you that have been members on My Ovacome for a while will remember her, she hasn't been on for quite some time, you might remember Fernanda lived in Brazil but as her condition became worse she found it increasingly difficult to translate her post into English ...she was and still is sorely missed.

Our condolences, prayers and thoughts are for her family at this sad time.

-------A Tribute to Fernanda---------

----- 29-11-1968 - 20-08-2015 ------

Such sad news about our friend,

So brave a person right to the end.

She suffered a lot this was clear,

But still managed to allay our fear.

A source of help on this site,

Without a hint of her inward plight.

Always something encouraging to say,

Her loss is felt with utter dismay.

And now as we say goodbye,

We can't help but wonder why.

Taken too soon and far too young,

Our Brazilian friend, the battle not won.

Trials of life over, now free from pain,

Our loss on Earth is Heaven's gain.

She had a faith - that was plain to see,

An inward assurance to you and me.

If we take anything from this grief,

Life goes on - this is her belief.

Then one day we shall meet again,

With no more tears and no more pain.


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  • So sad to hear this. Condolences to her family. x Trish

  • Thank you for the tribute to Fernanda Gwyn. It was sad to hear of her passing. She will be missed xxx

  • So sad , condolences to her family ....thank you Gwyn and much love to you too xxx

  • Oh Gwyn , this is lovely and I too will miss her posts . I hope that her family have a copy of your lovely poem , dy x

  • A lovely tribute gwyn

    Sad news that we have lost Fernanda condolences to her family

  • This is such sad news, Fernanda was lovely. So sorry for all her friends and family, and you Gwyn, as I know you were very close. Thank you for the beautiful tribute to a beautiful lady.

    Love kaz xx

  • So sad to read this. Lovely tribute as always Gwyn. Hope you are ok? Xxx


  • So very sad to hear this news...deepest sympathy to her family.

    Luanna x

  • Thank you, Gwyn, for letting us know that dear Fernanda has gone. So sad to read the news. A really lovely poem, too.

    Hope you're getting on ok, love from Solange xx

  • So sad. May she find peace. Thanks Gwen, lovely poem. Xx

  • So sad to hear this. Fernanda was a lovely lady and will be missed by all her family and friends and those who knew heron here. Thank you so much for letting us know though Gwyn. A lovely, kind, thoughtful tribute as always. Hope you are doing okay? We all miss you.

    M.B. X

  • So sad. Lovely poem. RIP xxxx

  • So sorry to hear of Fernando's passing. It's tragic in one so young. Condolences to her family.

    Once again Gwyn, another beautiful tribute from you. I hope you are keeping well, miss your other contributions on here. Take care. Ann xo

  • I remember her and my condolences to her family. Gwyn I hope you are doing OK. Laurence

  • Such a lovely tribute Gwyn.My condolences to Fernanda's family and friends.

    Fernanda was such a lovely person.

    Anne x

  • Condolences to her family

  • Sad news condolences to her family and friends. Kris

  • So sorry to hear this news, condolences to her family and friends, Trudy

  • Very sad news, Fernanda was lovely, and a fitting tribute to her. My condolences to her family and friends and thanks for this Gwyn, hope you are doing ok, xxx


  • I found Fernandas posts so helpful to me when I joined this site 3 years ago,condolences to her family and friends. Your words will mean a lot more Gwyn thank you. Its a lovely tribute. I hope you are well. Bridie.

  • So sorry to hear this.

    A lovely tribute xo

  • So sorry to read this news. My heartfelt condolences to her family and friends.

    Andy x

  • I remember Fernanda too, there have been way too many lost lives in the years I have been on this forum. Sad news sending condolences to her family at what must be a very difficult time.

    LA xx

  • So sorry to hear this news, my condolences to her family Pam x

  • Thank you for your lovely tribute Gwyn. Very sad news.

    My condolences to Fernanda's family.

    Love Mary xx

  • Such sad news. Condolences to Fernanda's family.

    A lovely tribute Gwyn

    X jenny

  • I am sorry I never got to know Fernanda on this site but if all your posts are anything to go by then she was much loved. Gwyn your poem is beautiful and from the heart and a fitting tribute to her. She has left the legacy of her courage . May she rest in peace

  • A lovely poem.Sympathies to her family and friends.x

  • Thank you Gwyn.

  • Hi Gwyn. I was (and am) very sorry to hear about Fernanda, I inow you corresponded with her and that you trusted one another. I loved it when she posted and I feel that there are some people who are the positive soul of the community and Fernanda was one of those people. I know she will be missed.

    Sending condolences to Fernanda's husband, family and friends.

    Sue xx

  • My sympathy to you Gwen, thank you for such a lovely poem. My sympathy also to her family who will miss her

  • So sorry. Thinking of all who loved her. Vxxx

  • I'm so sorry to hear this.

    Fernanda was such a wonderful communicator from Brazil. We really got a sense of her personality.

    Thinking of her family and friends.

  • How sad to hear this of our friend because all of us are friends.We bear each other up when they are struggling and smile when there is good news. Thanks Gwyn you never disappoint and with everyone hope all is well with you Dee x

  • So very sad,My condolences to Fernandos family and friends. A beautiful tribute Gwyn Suexx

  • so young, so sad. I send my condolences. Gio

  • another sad loss and a lovely tribute, thank you Gwynn

    Francesca x

  • Very sorry to hear this news. Deepest sympathy to her family and friends. Glad to know you are still on this site Gwyn. Hope you are doing ok yourself, and thanks for the lovely tribute.

    Eileen x

  • I just wanted to thank you all for adding your condolences for the sad loss of Fernanda.

    i am sure Fernanda's family and friends are comforted by the fact that so many of her friends on this forum care....

    I have forwarded the tribute and a link to this page for them to read your comments for themselves, I know that it has been read by her husband Gabriel and other relatives and friends but appreciate there is a language barrier for them to leave a comment.

    Many of you might remember that Fernanda was Japanese living in Brazil and her husband is Brazilian therefore she has relatives and friends speaking Japanese and also Portuguese (the official language of Brazil)

    Thank you again for your lovely caring comments.

  • Thanks for this, Gwyn - just catching up after two weeks away with little computer access (none to this site), so hadn't heard this news. She will be missed! My thoughts and prayers are with her family today.


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