-A Tribute To Jackie (Jacks150)-

..................A Tribute to Jackie........................

........... 27-07-1962-30-06-2014.....................

Jackie was diagnosed back in 2010,

Has had no break from chemo since then.

There is no doubt that Jackie was tough,

Never once did she say she'd had enough.

An inspirational lady this is so very true,

A testament to her she struggled through.

Her love for her family and love of life,

Resolving not to display her inward strife.

Spending precious time in having a ball,

Writing a bucket list getting through it all.

Living life to the full with apparent ease,

Time was cut short by this horrible disease,

She wanted to make every minute count,

And her long list of events started to mount.

She tried to pack in everything she could,

To make up for time for her family's own good.

Spending her last years,with a bucket list of fun,

Left to her willpower cancer wouldn't have won.

But we all know that this cancer is vicious,

It's took a lovely lady who wasn't malicious.

Taken from us too soon her life full of zest,

This fills us with sadness we are so bereft.

We are now left with her memories to share,

But we all feel that this just isn't fair.

Another precious friend now sadly gone,

And so our unhappy list just goes on.

We are hurting so much what can we say,

We are in such a shock and in utter dismay.

Jackie was loved by everyone she knew,

An accolade that is given to only a few.

I will cherish the book she published for me,

This is the Jackie i had the privilege to see.

We are thinking of you Tom, Ben and Alex now,

May her love sustain ease your pain somehow.

The legacy she left was a life filled with hope,

We'd like to think that this helps you cope.

You will remember her and her lovely smile,

We know you'll be hurting for quite a while.

And although it was time for you to part,

You will treasure her love close in your heart.

Think only of the good times you have had,

This would have made your mum so glad.

One thing you can do it might make things right,

Live life to the full it's what Jackie would like.


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  • Well done Gwyn. Welcome back xx

  • Another great tribute!!! xxx Heartfelt condolences to the family!

    Love Wendy x

  • Living life to the full - that was definitely Jackie to a T, Gwyn.

    PS now you're back on, why not stay on... we need you on here, you know.

  • Gywn it must be so hard, two beautiful poems tinged with sadness and filled with love in as many days. As ever you are an inspiring and graceful lady. Stay if you can. Send condolences and prayers to Jackie's family and friends x Trish

  • Very, very sad news but again a wonderful tribute Gwyn, you've captured Jackie's essence to a tee..made me smile and cry...thinking of Jackie's family at this tragic time.

    Love Kaz xx

  • Another sad loss, this is such a powerful illness and we hate it. My Jaci has been gone almost six weeks and missed so much

    I did appreciate your poem for her, they are all so touching. Gillxxx

  • Another beautiful and very fitting tribute Gwyn, thank you so much for taking the time to do this and to post, It means a lot to us, and I am sure her family will treasure this


  • Thank you Gwyn for such a beautiful poem in Jackie's memory. She was a totally inspirational person as you've shown. Xxxx

  • Dearest Gwyn ,

    This is lovely and so fitting and the words are perfect ...Just right for a very special lady .

    Thank you xxxx

    Love Jan xxx

  • Dear Gwyn thank you as always for expressing what we all feel so beautifully . Another sad loss of a lovely lady who will be missed on here.

    It is so good to have you back. Please don't leave we need you !,


    Ally x

  • Gwyn, while it is lovely to hear from you the occasion is so sad. I know there are many here who will sorely miss Jackie. Thank you for a wonderful tribute.

    Andy and Angie x

  • Thank you Gwyn for a fitting tribute. It's lovely to have you back, even briefly.


    Zannah xxx

  • Thank you Gwyn. Appreciated even more in this sad week xx

  • lovely tribute

    Glad to see you back on the site

  • Well said Gwyn with a fitting poem xxx

  • Gwyn well done another wonderful tribute to a lovely girl.

    Love Jenny xxx

  • Lovely poem Gwyn and so good to see you back. Please stay. your tributes help make the sad news more bearable for me. Thank you

    Francesca x

  • Thank you Gwyn; I am very pleased that you have honoured Jackie with one of your poems. I really admired the way she made the most of the time she had with her family. I hope they can take comfort from the happy memories she created for them. xx

  • Beautiful words which I'm sure Jackie's family will cherish. I love the last two lines. Sending my love and best wishes to you Gwyn and hope you are ok.



  • Another lovely tribute. Thank you Gwyn. Missing you, hope you are okay? X

  • Lovely words. Vxxx

  • Beautiful words...hope you back with us again as we miss you x

  • Another lovely tribute Gwyn. Welcome back. Ann xo

  • Gwyn, thank you. A beautiful tribute for a lovely brave lady. At times like this it brings home to us all how unfair this disease is. Take care love Gill xxx

  • Thank you,, Gwyn, for this lovely tribute to Jackie. It makes her loss more bearable to me and I am sure her family will find your tribute very comforting. I hope you are keeping well.

    Wishing you all the best, love, Samixa X X

    My heartfelt condolences to Jackie's family. I pray that God gives them the strength to bear this immense loss.

  • Dear Gwyn, a beautiful poem for Jackie. She would have loved it, for sure.

    Love, Fernanda

  • Dear Gwyn, so lovely to read your wonderful tribute for Jackie. Love Wendy x

  • Thank you so much Gwyn for your lovely tribute to Jackie. So sad that we have lost two wonderful friends this week.

    My sympathy to Jackie's family.

    Love Mary xx

  • Such an apt poem, Gwyn, at such a sad time. My heart goes out to Jackie's husband and boys.

    Glad to see you back, love Solange

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