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Update still blah

Well doctor did surgery. I have a big c section scar on top of the other. He had to remove both ovaris said they where beat up. The one mass he said was chocolate filled was endometriosis. He said must missed with hysterectomy 3 years ago. He said another mass that was like octopus and it was attached stuff even bladder which he opened up and had get out. Now have catheter till heals. He said I had ton scars so he cleaned me up. He says wasnt sure what was but he doubts its cancer. I go is it cancer he goes well I highly doubt it. Didnt look like it am sure you will be ok. Your blood cancer screening test was normal so I think your are good. Hmmmm why not a yes your cancer free seems lik3 still maybe.

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Sounds good. Surgeons are very experienced and can usually tell I f its sinister or not however until its checked in the pathology lab nothing is certain. I am afraid a bit more patience is required. Good luck. Ann


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