-A Tribute to Angie (ang65)

................A Tribute to Angie (Ang65)................


This tribute for me is so hard to write,

For the loss of a lovely friend on this site.

News that none of us wants to hear,

Angie loved life this is so very clear.

Blessed with support from her husband Andy,

He must have been a great comfort to Angie.

Theirs was a marriage that was meant to last,

But sadly the time went all too fast.

From the time of her diagnosis,

Facing a very poor prognosis.

Both decided to make the most of their life,

An inspiration for any husband and wife.

Aware of the fact that they had each other,

They made the best of their time together.

Lasting memories that cancer hasn't took,

A true love story often found in a book.

I have had the privilege of meeting her too,

And what Andy has written is so very true.

An inspiration to everyone she met,

Anyone would find her hard to forget.

She wasn't one to dwell on the cancer,

But instead provide her very own answer.

No wallowing in self pity, no battle to win,

Made every moment count, with a LIFE to begin.

Angie was the same to us online,

Didn't mention herself - there wasn't time.

Instead she chose to offer her care,

And even though quiet was always there.

Sometimes she came on in others defence,

So she really wasn't one to sit on the fence.

A person that stood up for what she felt was right,

Surely this is a quality we would all like.

Andy we know was her mighty rock,

They fitted together like a shoe and sock.

We hope you will cherish the short time you had,

Look back on the good times and be glad.

Loving each other in a unique way,

Cancer never took that - t's true to say.

They loved each other till "death us do part"

This is a legacy that comes straight from the heart.


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  • A beautiful tribute to Angie and indeed a tribute to the wonderful marriage between Angie and Andy. Thank you Gwyn.

    Love Mary xx

  • Gwyn .. This is a beautiful tribute to Angie and to her love for Andy. I was very moved by it. I do know that you find writing tribute poems very difficult at times for obvious reasons. It takes a very special type of courage to face the enormity of it all so soon with such care, compassion and sensitivity. You have told me many times how lovely it was to meet with Angie and Andy. You yourself don't wallow in self-pity and throughout your journey, you have always thought of others rather than yourself even when you have had difficult situations to face. You blow me away with your thoughtfulness. You really do. Much love. Xxx

  • It says it all Gwyn, a beautiful tribute..

    xx Jenny

  • Beautiful

  • A lovely tribute to Angie xxx

  • Thank you Gwyn, for such lovely words. You capture the essence of Angie well. Her attitude to her disease (and life generally) was indeed inspirational and allowed us to concentrate on living the life we did have rather than concerning ourselves with the life together we wouldn't have. Of course, I am left now to deal with her absence, but that will be made easier through cherished memories.

    Love Andy x

  • Like I said Andy this was very difficult for me to write, I feel that nothing I could say would really be sufficient, and if I said too much it would seem ingenuous... There was also a hard act to follow (with your lovely moving articulate description of Ange) there was really nothing more to add...

    Apart from the fact I have been upset (as I am sure many of us are over losing such a lovely friend) I have also been very poorly over this Christmas period ... so I couldn't think straght or string two words together.. it did however give me time to think and realise what a truly unselfish person Angie was and how we take this for granted....for me it has been a great privilege to have met you both in person...(I shall treasure this).

    My thoughts are with you and your family at this sad time...Tony and I are here if you need us...love x G x

  • I am so sorry to hear you are unwell, Gwyn. You're right about Angie being selfless and I know she was also thrilled to meet with Tony and yourself. Hey, you were on her bucket list remember? Take care x

  • That is an absolutely beautiful tribute to Angie, and to Angie and Andy's marriage...moved me to tears Gwyn

    Love Kaz x x

  • Very emotional ,touching tribute Gwyn

    Anne x

  • Gwyn, your words struck a cord with me and I'm sure, everyone else on this site. It was a touching tribute to Angie, Andy and the life they shared until the end. Your verse was beautiful and so fitting.

  • What a lovely tribute. A wonderful legacy to leave behind is true love. Heartfelt wishes to Andy.

    Christine x

  • Gwyn that is beautiful. Thank you for taking the time to write it. I'm sure Andy will appreciate it. So young. This illness really does need a higher profile to get the progress that was made with the likes of breast cancer treatment. Ann xo

  • No words........All been said by Andy and Gwyn. Sending heartfelt condolences!!

    Love Wendy xxx

  • very beautiful and moving tribute......xx

  • Brilliant tribute Gwyn .... Lovely and its clear she was a much treasured lady , lost far tooo soon xx

  • A very loving goodbye - I'm sure Andy really appreciated it.


  • A beautiful tribute

  • A beautiful tribute

  • Thank you Gwyn for the lovely tribute . Another sad loss


  • Thank you Gwyn for your wonderful tribute once again. Far too often lately I'm afraid. My thoughts are with Angie's family and indeed another sad loss. Francesca x

  • As always Gwyn xxxxxxxxxx

  • Another wonderful tribute Gwyn. So very sad another member has left us. Claire

  • Memories of her caring heart will be in our hearts for ever.

  • A beautiful tribute, I am so sorry to hear this news Andy, my thoughts and prayers are with you

    Jan x

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