Best Christmas present

Hi lovely ladies just wanted to let you know I have just had the best early Christmas present. Following my chemo and surgery I had a PET CT scan which showed no active cancer in my body except a small concern in my neck. There always seems to be good news and bad. Anyway now had results of neck scan and biopsy which confirms that there is no cancer there either. Yippee I am in remission. My surgeon doesn't want to see me for six months. I just have to continue with Avastin three weekly. Thank you for all the support you have shown me.

Ps, might even treat myself to some new sexy undies instead of the Bridget jones ones!! Must be feeling better!

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  • Fantastic news, have a merry christmas xx

  • Great news!! Have a lovely Christmas and you go for it with the new undies!!!

    Love Kaz x x

  • Fantastic news. You must be so relieved. You have every excuse now to celebrate and have a wonderful Christmas xx

    Best wishes

    Chris xx

  • Great news and as you say best Christmas present too, I'm a couple of months behind you my surgery is next week then two more chemo's. You have a joyful Christmas xx


  • You take care after the surgery and good luck for the remaining chemo. Will be thinking of you

  • Great news! Have a very happy christmas and then move into the new year with all of this behind you! Claire

  • Fantastic news. So nice to have some positive posts. Good luck with the undies, I can recommend Anne Summers, their bra n knicker sets are soooooo comfortable and fit lovely. You have a look round at the other bits on offer lol :) Love n hugs to you. Have a great Christmas xxxxxxx

  • What a lovely cheerful uplifting message. You're certainly going to enjoy a very special Christmas this year. Great news you don't have to go back for 6 months.

    Enjoy your spending spree! Boux Avenue have really pretty undies but I'm not sure there are many of them. There's a very tempting one in Cardiff.

    Enjoy! Enjoy!

  • What a fantastic Christmas Present that is !! Well Done You !!

    Enjoy your six month break, and long may it continue.

    Love Trish xx

  • Wonderful news and what a perfect Christmas present. Best wishes xx

  • That is great news. Yes you must treat yourself. Enjoy!!!

    Love Mary xx

  • Fabulous news. Hope Avastin does it's work and the good news lasts forever. Vxxx

  • Well that's great news. Have a fantastic Christmas and a great new year!

    Sue xx

  • Fabulous news:)

    Have a great christmas!

    Love Andrea xx

  • What great news, lovely to hear your looking forward to Christmas....relax and enjoy.

    Luanna x

  • I'm so happy for you, brilliant news. Merry Christmas. XX

  • Absolutely fabulous news-just need some ab fab undies to match ! xx

  • What great news. Treating yourself sounds like a good idea.


    Zannah x

  • So pleased for you, brilliant news,have a wonderful Christmas,enjoy.

    Best Wishes Sue xx

  • Yes, isn't it lovely to switch to being seen every six months! I've just been switched to six-monthly appointments myself, and am finding it a great relief!

    It's lovely start to the holiday season, so have the best Christmas ever!

    Best wishes,


  • Congratulations! Lovely to hear -- another escapee for a while, how wonderful... Enjoy the season, you now can immerse into the whole shebang!


    Sue xxx

  • That's fantastic news, this will be a great Christmas, being able to relax for six months.

    LA xx

  • GREAT NEWS! Go ceebrate in style! Wendy xxx

  • Fantastic news! Well done you. Have a great xmas!

  • Wonderful news, so happy for you. I know just how you feel as I'm in remission too and have a six month appointment. I can't wear nice underwear as I have a colostomy and sexy knickers cut my bag in half so alas its Bridget Jones ones for me. Lol. Have a fabulous Christmas. Xxxxxx

  • At least the Bridget jones are comfortable

  • What a lovely Xmas present - the best ever! Enjoy your Xmas - hope you find some lovely sexy undies. xxxxxxxx

  • Wonderful news. The best Xmas present . Have a very merry Xmas



  • You was a very good girl this year and Santa Klaus brought your gift in advance. Congratuations!!!!

    Hugs, Fernanda

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