An early Christmas Present

I posted about 3 weeks ago about a swelling on my neck which just appeared and I really did think it was some kind of reoccurence, but amazingly not so. I have had to wait 3 weeks for the results anyway my lovely specialist nurse phoned to say the CAT scan Is clear nothing to see. CAn,t believe it I am beyond thrilled. The swelling is still there so they are going to discuss what next at the md team meeting on Friday but I am so going to enjoy Christmas. I hope all you good women are as well as you can be. Love Chris

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  • It could be an auto immune thingy. But not serious. Great scan was clear enjoy your Xmas

  • Thanks for your best wishes hope you have a wonderful Christmas. LOVE Chris

  • Have a lovely, stress free Christmas. Chris, what brilliant news, so. Happy for you. X x x x

  • I FEEL so much more relaxed and ready for a good Christmas. Hope your is a joyous one. LOVE Chris

  • HI Chris, Great news now have a enjoy Christmas ..Lorraine Merry Christmas🎄🎄

  • CAN,T TELL you how thrilled I was Lorraine, I hope your treatment is going well with minimum side effects and I hope you have a joyous Christmas. Love Chris

  • Great news - here’s to clear or stable scans! 🥂

    Cheery Christmas to you, Ali x

  • GREAT that you are stable. HAVE a wonderful Christmas. LOVE Chria

  • Brilliant! Enjoy your Christmas 🎄 xx

  • Thanks, have a great Christmas.. LoveChris

  • Brilliant, now you can enjoy Christmas without worrying! All the best!

  • I am definitely going to enjoy Christmas and I hope you have a great Christmas. Love Chris

  • Hi Chris. So pleased for you, now relax and enjoy Christmas! Carolyn x

  • Carolyn Sorry I haven,t seen you in clinic but I am glad I don,t have to go. Swelling is still there but scan clear which I am thrilled about. HOPE YOU ARE well and wishing you all the best for Christmas and the New Year. Love Chrisb

  • Its really good news for you & I am delighted for you. No, I haven’t seen you in clinic for a while! Worryingly, my CA125 has soared tenfold, so am having a full body scan in January to see what’s going on. Fingers crossed that it’s only a blip...!! Have a wonderful Christmas. Carolyn x

  • Hi Chris brilliant news Xmas has come early. All the very best for amazing Xmas & a very healthy new year. Take care Cindyxx

  • Thanks Cindy, looking forward to Christmas. HOPE YOU ARE ok AND HAVE a lovely Christmas. CHRIS

  • Hi Chris, that something we all need is a good Xmas with no health worries. Take care Cindyxx

  • Good news-have a lovely Christmas!

  • Thank you for taking the time to answer, I am really sorry you are facing a reoccurence hope you manage to GET on thr trial. Happy Christmas. Love Chris

  • So pleased for you - have a happy and relaxed Christmas 🎄 x

  • Great news.

    It couldn't be something entirely different like a problem with a tooth or ear? I ask as I've had this recently and it seems it was the tooth...

    We tend to think everything is connected and sinister, don't we, so great that it seems not!x

  • Fantastic news Chris. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas 🎄 Jo 🎄

  • So so pleased for you, have an amazing Christmas xx

  • Wonderful news, Chris. Happy, happy Christmas and Healthy New Year?

    Love, Solange

  • rEally pleased for you Chros.....sounds as if everything's being addressed, enjoy Christmas....!

  • sorry my computer's got gremlins!

  • Thrilled, I hope your chemo is going ok with minial side effects have a good Christmas. CHRIS

  • Hi Chris -Brilliant news -even more reason to celebrate & enjoy Christmas 😊. I'll be interested in following up with you -I've a slight swelling on my neck for last 3 days -off to GP this pm. To be honest I'm not overly worried -but due Chemo next week & want everything ok or it. All the best, Gretta

  • Hi Gretti, Will be interested to hear what GO said. Good luck with next round of chemo. HAVE A GOOD Christmas. Love Christine

  • Chris

    I had swelling in my neck—radiogist said scan showed nothing—but my oncologist reviewed it frame by frame—saw a blood clot near my port in superior vena cava—so they called it SVC clot—after heparin shots the swelling in neck dissipated and next scan —clot was gone but I still take blood thinner pill now


  • Useful to know about this possibility. Thanks. Something else to watch out for... but it's much better to know what can happen!

  • Thank s for that. The M.D. were going to review it on Friday so will have to wait and see. HAVE a great Christmas. LOVE Chris

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