swollen abdomen

after going to A&E on thursday and having scan and xray on friday when dr said all normal and to stop taking omeprazole.its constipation.today sunday-began to feel like acid reflux is back(-from not taking omreprazole)i don't think so cos have bowel movements every day.just so concerned that my stomach is more swollen than ever that it is something more serious.(and because of past weight gain which is all abdominal.)I truly believe so because my dogs have been acting differently for the last few months.they always look worried and hate me going out.the older dog barks every time I go out as he hates been left.when i came home from hospital on thursday they were both so pleased to see me-jumping all over me.apprehensive about seeing dr on Tuesday cos he will say why did I go to hospital.

my face is very puffy especially around my eyes and because of the bruising round my eyes and my huge stomach I cannot bring myself to go out unless I absolutely have to.

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  • Hi there... it sounds like you're having such a distressing time of it. I was thinking that maybe your dogs are picking up the fact that you're upset rather than sensing you're ill? I'm sure your doctor won't be judging whether it was right for you to go to hospital. Every doctor in the land would want you to be treated and you do have symptoms of something even if it's not this disease and it's something quite easily treatable. If I were you (which I'm not), and if I were still worried, I'd complete the symptoms checker on here and print it off to take to your GP. Sending you my good wishes... Love Tina x x

  • thanks fro your advice

  • Oh what a dreadful time you are having! Puts my moans in perspective. I take Lansoprazole for reflux and that does not seem to cause constipation. However we are all different.

  • Hi. As Tina says maybe your dogs are picking up your anxiety. I take Omeprazole and I'm fine on it but everyone is different. I hope you are soon feeling better.

    Love. Jean xx

  • Crikey. I guess your oncologist told you to stop taking a NSAID? It sounds as if you're tied up in a knot of anxiety and stress. This is bound to affect your dogs. But I think Millie's right to suggest you see your GP as soon as you can - make an urgent appointment tomorrow. I hope things get better. As cancer patients, we always fear the worst. It's futile to say, don't worry. But nevertheless, try to distract yourself somehow until you can do something to resolve your concerns. Vxxx

  • hi all

    im seeing my dr tomorrow to see if he can give me something else fro acid reflux and swellign etc i know I have bad days when I am feeling low and anxious and they pick up on it tbu they look so sad and worried sometimes,i feel they do sense something else is not right

  • Hi there .. I hope things were ok today and you were reassured .. Love Tina x x

  • Hi Tina. yes things didn't go to bad.i asked if he had received a letter from the hospital.said he hadn't and asked why and so explained.he said why did I go to A&E (hospital 60 miles away)when i could have gone here.said they no longer A&E-only minor injuries-he said I could have gone.dr said was I happy now it isn't anything more.told him im not convinced.went well tho .maybe I should make all my appts at 8.30am.

    I still came away with a couple of things I ddint say.have another med to try and togo back in dec to see how im getting on with them.my thyroid gland seems "up"tonight.

    aslo am sore from fall i had yesterday-managed to slip on wet grass and have lovely bruises on my arm and side.

  • Hi there .. I'm glad things went ok. I was wondering why you have bruising around your eyes and puffiness? I'm sorry you had a fall so now you're sore. I'd make sure you go back in Dec for your review. Love Tina x

  • hi tina

    I cant be certain but it is not a symptom of fibromyalgia.i don't think it Is of lupus either,i found out that there is a condition called Sjogrens disorder and some people on here say they have these symptoms but have never had any diagnosis from rheumy or ENT.they have either dismissed things or just say what it is not.this morning when my dog woke me my eye was quite sore

  • I'm so sorry .. Have you mentioned this to your doctor? I can understand your reaction and not wanting to go out. Maybe not going out isn't a good thing because it can lead to depression. Love Tina x x

  • I get out every day with my dogs -twice a day.we have a really long walk in the morning tho the last two days have been a real struggle for me.and 2-3 times fro shopping. someone mentioned "myofascial

    pain syndrome?"(don't know if thats correct name for it)and i could certainly associate with that the last two days.when see dr also going to say that have pressure on my eye from swelling.

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