Annie's swollen tummy

Well saw my guy today he said no drain my big tummy is not swollen enough a drain can bring other problem , my scan was good just small tumors on the tummy it could have been a lot worse , funny thing is I gave blood and my ca125 is down , anyway he's going to have a look at any clinical trial while he's doing this I will be on calyx , I start n Wednesday he was going to put it off till next week but I'm sixty next week and I'm taking the family away for a spa weekend , I remember last time y tummy went down with the Clemo so I'd rather Wednesday , he said I may not loose my hair ,hoping I o k excuse my grammar and lack of right detail , I wear two hearing aids and don't always hear I'm not interested in medical terms laymen pleAse , we are all on the same page anyhow xxxx

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  • That is good news. Did you find before that you you weed a lot after chemo, I.e. fluid can out, or did the fluid just go. Marj xx

  • I don't start the Clemo untill wed , anyway iv had Botox on my bladder as I had a sensitive bladder I Bly pee when I want , but I'm hoping I per for one whole day this belly drives me mad .are you on calyx xx

  • So did you pee out fluid when you had ascites before? On carboplatin.

  • I don't remember u know how you are in complete shock but my stomach did go down here's hoping I do pee for the whole off glasgow and come out the toilet skinny xxx

  • Here's hoping but did it happen after just one cycle as may take few cycles to make big difference? Marj xx

  • Who knows I will let u know after Wednesday xx

  • Thanks Cetic2248, let me know how you get on and if you see much as well! Enjoy your spa weekend with the family . Marj xx

  • Sorry Celtic6648, should have said if you wee much as well. Marj xx

  • Annie - great news and chemo will get rid of the fluid. I have been on Caelyx for last 2 months and honestly no side effects feel really well, and no fluid (had over 15 litres drained)! My hair is growing back thick and fast as was completely bald until they swapped my chemo for Caelyx.

    Happy Birthday for next week, enjoy your spa Weekend! x x

  • Annie, to clarify, chemo got rid of my fluid started to work straight away, lost 1 to 2 pounds per day.

  • Hi , can I just please if you seemed to wee a lot after chemo, is fluid coming out, or did the bloating just go down. I seem to have been weeing more. On carboplatin with taxol added later. Want to think it is working but not sure. Thanks, Marj

  • I think I love u xxx

  • I have just finished caelyx! Kept my hair nut had really bad skin blisters andouth ulcers! At the first sign of sores lather on E45 (available on prescription) and ditch the bra in favour of a soft crop top - Patra silk do a good one. For the mouth ulcers Difflam mouth wash and Gel Clair are both excellent. I also had fungal infections on my feet and this allowed skin bacteria into my bloodstream so seek advice early as I ended up im hospital on IV antibiotics for 10 days because I did not!


  • Thank you I will glad to keep the hair xx

  • Good news Annie, I`m so pleased for you. You can now enjoy your birthday and spa x

  • Happy birthday Annie. Enjoy the spa and got luck with the treatment. X

  • Happy Birthday and enjoy the spa, well the scan is good news, hopefully your onc will find a trial to suit. I take it you are not in the area where you can acess Avastin easily from NHs. Have been on it for twelve months, first with Gemzar and now on its own. It has been working for me fingers crossed but it is readily available over here in Ireland, it seems some Nhs in Uk wont fund it. Wishing you well, I am also suffering a hearing loss, I blame the chemo

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