Having a upper intestinal blockage

Hi I have been in the hospital since the sad I was admitted finally after telling them I couldn't hold any food down for a more than a week. I would drink then got a severe burning get reflux in my throat and then throw up severely and it was green bile. Well on Wednesday they put in a g tube line to separate my stomach from this fluid. The green bile is going into a bag. They couldn't finish the procedure because I started throwing up and then it got into my lungs. Not a lot but enough. Anyways here it is Friday and I haven't heard from the dr when they are coming to get me. After this I will have 2 separate tubes one going into my lower intestine so I will be on tubal feelings until this resolves. This doesn't bother me but not having any nutrition for almost 2 weeks does. My body shape has changed to something I have never seen before. I have lost my whole backside and my upper body looks very strange! Has anyone been through this?? And hopefully with Gods grace this will turn around. Does anyone out there have some answers?


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  • Hi Mary

    I can't offer any advice, but wanted to send you good wishes and love, and hope you feel more comfortable soon

    Judy xx

  • Thanks Judy my nurse just can in and said they are getting ready to come and get me to do the second part

  • Hi

    Boy have you been through the mill! Don't have any answers for you but wanted to offer you a big hug and hope you are more comfortable. Please let us know how you get on. Thinking of you. Kathy xx

  • Thank you Kathy they are coming up soon I haven't had any nutrition in 11 days

  • Hey Mary,

    Like the others I have no wisdom in this situation I just thought I would just say I wish you the best of luck as it sounds like you are going through the mill at the minute!

    I hope it all gets sorted for you soon.


  • I pray

  • Please say a prayer?

  • Hi Mary I. Sorry but I don't have any experience of this bit wanted to wish you all the best and hopefully you will get sorted out and feel better Soon xx

  • Prayer said...... xx

  • Sorry about the description ladies! I have no experience of tubes,but before I had diagnosis,I went down to bones and could not sit because of no bottom left.I was vomiting yellow bile and could not eat.My stomach then swelled overnight and I was taken in to have ascites drained before my debaulking op.after the op I was vomiting acid and not eating,but was prescribed Omaprezole and my appetite returned and I had no acid.

    I was diagnosed as having 1 c which I was amazed at since I was told I only had a couple of weeks left to live.

    I had 6 months carbo/taxol and am now NED,last chemo March 2015,there is always hope and a solution,so,I hope this is the same for you,

    Wishing you all the best,

    Carole xxx

  • Thanks Carole but unfortunately I have 3C . I had my fluid drained again last Wednesday. 2.5 liters. My problem is I kept telling my Dr and my NP this. I did get accepted for a clinical trial. Praying for a match!! Won't know for 2 weeks. If I am a match.

  • Mrist1, I was diagnosed 3C with metastatic peritoneal carcinomatosis from OC with massive ascites. It is now 10 months later and I am radiologically NED. Do not give up!!!! It will get better.

  • I imagine at this stage you have had the second procedure and I hope you are far more comfortable, I have had no experience of this but perhaps your tummy needed a rest from food. I will say a prayer that you will improve from now on, sending you a virtual hug

  • Yes had it this morning am now going to get the hi protein food supplements coming my way

  • Hi, Mary,

    I had a similar experience .When I had my first debulking surgery,my bowel got bunged up and I was repeatedly sick . The content was green bile in huge quantities and I found it very alarming at the time although I later realised it was because anything I ate or drank had nowhere to go hence the green vomit.This lasted for many days until eventually they scanned me and confirmed that the gut was blocked. Multiple enemas etc followed!! Relief came eventually. Over the eleven days, my body changed from a good sized bottom and thighs and well covered arms to one of a very old lady I did not recognise. My bottom looked as if it had suddenly been deflated , thin and baggy and my legs were worryingly thin compared to my usual sturdy ones. My arms were also skinny and a little bit baggy. I could not believe it so I asked the nurse and she said that it is surprising how quickly bodies waste when not eating or moving very much in hospital.It took some weeks of good food to restore my former shape and I remember by 2 months later I was back to normal. So providing you are able to eat well things will return to normal! However it was worrying at the time and rather depressing. I did not recognise myself! When I read your post I recognised what you were experiencing immediately. I am sure you will be back to normal soon. All the best.

    Angel-teal x

  • Yes I am finally on a hi protein tubal feeding now this is my first day. They go slowly so my body doesn't get crazy. I will be here probably until Monday Yemeni will do this myself with a pump and teaching via the hospital. But everything you said is me to a t!! I have always worked out and this is overwhelming looking at myself. But I will get back to myself. It has been 2 weeks so I am praying it won't take me too long.

  • * I will do this myself.

  • Hi Angel,

    Seriously sounds like me,I don't know what the various stages mean,but Mary,both of us have been through this and come out the other side,so there is every hope,with your experts you will do too

    Carole xx

  • I'm sorry I don't have any answers for you but it seems the doctors have got your issues under control. Keep your chin up and your attitude positive and before you know it will be all over.

  • It sounds awful but I am sure you will get through it as the ladies say. Wishing you all the very best x

  • You've certainly been through the mill of late. From what others have said that have also been through this, you will regain your normal shape and look like you again.

    All the best. Helen

  • Hi I had a bowel blockage in 2014 and was kept in hospital for 3 weeks being fed by a tube. I went from a muscular gym bunny to a wasted, skinny frail looking old lady. I couldn't hold anything down, not even sips of water. But don't despair you will get your strength back. Once out of hospital and eating again I worked consistently at eating small amounts 5 - 6 times a day, easier said than done, and build up muscle through walking and arm weights. It takes a while. I'm still always at risk of blockage again so super cautious what I eat and have plenty of fluids. Just spent the summer taking trips to Italy and Germany and of to New Zealand in 3 weeks so don't worry you will get through this sister xx

  • Still having really got my bum back though!

  • Do your butt lifts😂

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